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Academic Article Comparing pain severity versus pain location in the MOBILIZE Boston study: chronic pain and lower extremity function.
Academic Article Leg strength or velocity of movement: which is more influential on the balance of mobility limited elders?
Academic Article The Boston Rehabilitative Impairment Study of the Elderly: a description of methods.
Academic Article Validity of an exercise test based on habitual gait speed in mobility-limited older adults.
Academic Article Increased trunk extension endurance is associated with meaningful improvement in balance among older adults with mobility problems.
Academic Article Is stair climb power a clinically relevant measure of leg power impairments in at-risk older adults?
Academic Article Which impairments are most associated with high mobility performance in older adults? Implications for a rehabilitation prescription.
Academic Article Performance-based versus patient-reported physical function: what are the underlying predictors?
Concept Mobility Limitation
Academic Article Is kyphosis related to mobility, balance, and disability?
Academic Article A comparison of straight- and curved-path walking tests among mobility-limited older adults.
Academic Article What physical attributes underlie self-reported vs. observed ability to walk 400 m in later life? An analysis from the InCHIANTI Study.
Academic Article A stiff price to pay: does joint stiffness predict disability in an older population?
Academic Article Mild cognitive impairment status and mobility performance: an analysis from the Boston RISE study.
Academic Article How Should Disability Be Measured in Older Adults? An Analysis from the Boston Rehabilitative Impairment Study of the Elderly.
Academic Article Effect of Pain and Mild Cognitive Impairment on Mobility.
Academic Article Leg and Trunk Impairments Predict Participation in Life Roles in Older Adults: Results From Boston RISE.
Academic Article Gait coordination impairment is associated with mobility in older adults.
Academic Article Neuromuscular Impairments Contributing to Persistently Poor and Declining Lower-Extremity Mobility Among Older Adults: New Findings Informing Geriatric Rehabilitation.
Academic Article The Relationship Among Neuromuscular Impairments, Chronic Back Pain, and Mobility in Older Adults.
Grant Developing Rehabilitative Strategies for Disability Prevention in Primary Care
Grant Assessing muscle health in older adults with electrical impedance myography
Grant Ameliorating Disability through Power Training
Academic Article Mobility limitations and fear of falling in non-English speaking older Mexican-Americans.
Academic Article Health Characteristics, Neuromuscular Attributes, and Mobility Among Primary Care Patients With Symptomatic Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: A Secondary Analysis.
Academic Article Targeted Exercise Training to Optimize Leg Power, Leg Speed, and Mobility in Older Adults.
Academic Article Rhythmic Interlimb Coordination Impairments and the Risk for Developing Mobility Limitations.
Academic Article A Novel Approach to Identifying Trajectories of Mobility Change in Older Adults.
Academic Article Evaluation of an Outpatient Rehabilitative Program to Address Mobility Limitations Among Older Adults.
Academic Article Association of Neuromuscular Attributes With Performance-Based Mobility Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults With Symptomatic Lumbar Spinal Stenosis.
Academic Article Rhythmic Interlimb Coordination Impairments Are Associated With Mobility Limitations Among Older Adults.
Academic Article The rehabilitation enhancing aging through connected health (REACH) study: study protocol for a quasi-experimental clinical trial.
Academic Article Which Neuromuscular Attributes Are Associated With Changes in Mobility Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults With Symptomatic Lumbar Spinal Stenosis?
Academic Article Persistent Pain Quality as a Novel Approach to Assessing Risk for Disability in Community-Dwelling Elders With Chronic Pain.
Academic Article Meaningful Change Estimates for the Late-Life Function and Disability Instrument in Older Adults.
Academic Article Neuromuscular Attributes Associated With Lower Extremity Mobility Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults.
Academic Article Chronic multisite pain: evaluation of a new geriatric syndrome.
Academic Article Evaluating the Influence of Social Engagement on Cognitive Impairment and Mobility Outcomes Within the Boston RISE Cohort Study.
Academic Article The Association of Pain Phenotype with Neuromuscular Impairments and Mobility Limitations Among Older Primary Care Patients: A Secondary Analysis of the Boston Rehabilitative Impairment Study of the Elderly.
Academic Article Neuromuscular Attributes are Associated with Poor Mobility in Older Adults with Vascular Risk Conditions.
Academic Article Walking Speed Affects Gait Coordination and Variability Among Older Adults With and Without Mobility Limitations.
Academic Article Ankle control differentiation as a mechanism for mobility limitations.
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