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Concept Metagenome
Academic Article Gut microbiota, tight junction protein expression, intestinal resistance, bacterial translocation and mortality following cholestasis depend on the genetic background of the host.
Academic Article Microbiota and gut-liver axis: their influences on obesity and obesity-related liver disease.
Academic Article Proof of concept of microbiome-metabolome analysis and delayed gluten exposure on celiac disease autoimmunity in genetically at-risk infants.
Academic Article Symbiotic bacterial metabolites regulate gastrointestinal barrier function via the xenobiotic sensor PXR and Toll-like receptor 4.
Academic Article The Role of Gluten in Celiac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article Celiac Disease Genomic, Environmental, Microbiome, and Metabolomic (CDGEMM) Study Design: Approach to the Future of Personalized Prevention of Celiac Disease.
Academic Article The microbiome as a possible target to prevent celiac disease.
Academic Article Gut microbiome and necrotising enterocolitis: time for intervention?
Academic Article Transitioning From Descriptive to Mechanistic Understanding of the Microbiome: The Need for a Prospective Longitudinal Approach to Predicting Disease.
Grant VSL for Asthma
Grant Effect of Lactobacillus GG on gut permeability and microbiome in VLBW neonates
Grant Microbiome-derived Metabolites Linked to Celiac Disease Onset in Infants at Risk
Grant VSL for Asthma
Grant Severe Enteric Disease: Pathogenesis and Response
Grant Mucusal and Systemic Immunity, Vaccines and Microbiota Interplay in Humans
Academic Article Proinflammatory cytokine interferon-? and microbiome-derived metabolites dictate epigenetic switch between forkhead box protein 3 isoforms in coeliac disease.
Academic Article Microbiota Transfer Therapy alters gut ecosystem and improves gastrointestinal and autism symptoms: an open-label study.
Academic Article Another reason to favor exclusive breastfeeding: microbiome resilience.
Academic Article Differential immune responses and microbiota profiles in children with autism spectrum disorders and co-morbid gastrointestinal symptoms.
Academic Article Compositional and Functional Differences in the Human Gut Microbiome Correlate with Clinical Outcome following Infection with Wild-Type Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhi.
Academic Article Letter to the Editor regarding Mörkl et al.'s paper: Gut microbiota, dietary intakes and intestinal permeability reflected by serum zonulin in women.
Academic Article Use of Probiotics to Prevent Celiac Disease and IBD in Pediatrics.
Academic Article Blood Microbiome Profile in CKD : A Pilot Study.
Academic Article Human gut derived-organoids provide model to study gluten response and effects of microbiota-derived molecules in celiac disease.
Academic Article Genetic and Environmental Contributors for Celiac Disease.
Academic Article Exploiting the Zonulin Mouse Model to Establish the Role of Primary Impaired Gut Barrier Function on Microbiota Composition and Immune Profiles.
Academic Article Celiac Disease and the Microbiome.
Academic Article All disease begins in the (leaky) gut: role of zonulin-mediated gut permeability in the pathogenesis of some chronic inflammatory diseases.
Academic Article Multi-omics data integration in anorexia nervosa patients before and after weight regain: A microbiome-metabolomics investigation.
Academic Article Multi-omics analysis reveals the influence of genetic and environmental risk factors on developing gut microbiota in infants at risk of celiac disease.
Academic Article Genome, Environment, Microbiome and Metabolome in Autism (GEMMA) Study Design: Biomarkers Identification for Precision Treatment and Primary Prevention of Autism Spectrum Disorders by an Integrated Multi-Omics Systems Biology Approach.
Academic Article Gut microbiota in Celiac Disease: microbes, metabolites, pathways and therapeutics.
Academic Article Plasma and Fecal Metabolite Profiles in Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Academic Article The Gut Microbiome and Metabolomics Profiles of Restricting and Binge-Purging Type Anorexia Nervosa.
Academic Article Microbiota and Metabolomic Patterns in the Breast Milk of Subjects with Celiac Disease on a Gluten-Free Diet.
Academic Article Microbiome signatures of progression toward celiac disease onset in at-risk children in a longitudinal prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Immunological Impact of a Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Diet in Children With Kidney Disease: A Feasibility Study.
Grant The Celiac Disease Genome, Environment, Microbiome, and Metabolome (CD-GEMM) prospective cohort study
Academic Article Reply to Chen and Vitetta: Unraveling the complex interactions among organisms in the microbiome is necessary to identify unique signatures predicting CD onset.
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