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Academic Article A small RNA makes a Bic difference.
Academic Article Analysis of microRNA effector functions in vitro.
Academic Article Repression of tumor suppressor miR-451 is essential for NOTCH1-induced oncogenesis in T-ALL.
Academic Article Not lost in translation: stepwise regulation of microRNA targets.
Academic Article The RNAi revolution.
Academic Article Not miR-ly small RNAs: big potential for microRNAs in therapy.
Academic Article microRNA expression in the biology, prognosis, and therapy of Waldenström macroglobulinemia.
Academic Article RNA-Directed Therapy: The Next Step in the miRNA Revolution.
Academic Article New insights into the biology of melanomas using a microRNA tool-KIT.
Academic Article Recapitulation of short RNA-directed translational gene silencing in vitro.
Academic Article RNAi and RNA-based regulation of immune system function.
Academic Article Feed-forward microprocessing and splicing activities at a microRNA-containing intron.
Academic Article Alternative RISC assembly: binding and repression of microRNA-mRNA duplexes by human Ago proteins.
Academic Article The chicken or the egg: microRNA-mediated regulation of mRNA translation or mRNA stability.
Academic Article Intronic miR-211 assumes the tumor suppressive function of its host gene in melanoma.
Academic Article Distinct passenger strand and mRNA cleavage activities of human Argonaute proteins.
Academic Article Reduced expression of ribosomal proteins relieves microRNA-mediated repression.
Academic Article Potential roles for short RNAs in lymphocytes.
Academic Article MicroRNA-repressed mRNAs contain 40S but not 60S components.
Academic Article MicroRNA expression profiling identifies activated B cell status in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells.
Academic Article Comprehensive profiling of Epstein-Barr virus microRNAs in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
Concept MicroRNAs
Academic Article Akt-mediated phosphorylation of argonaute 2 downregulates cleavage and upregulates translational repression of MicroRNA targets.
Academic Article The TAL1 complex targets the FBXW7 tumor suppressor by activating miR-223 in human T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Academic Article miR-155 in acute myeloid leukemia: not merely a prognostic marker?
Academic Article Unique patterns of transcript and miRNA expression in the South American strong voltage electric eel (Electrophorus electricus).
Grant Dysregulated microRNA function in diamond blackfan anemia
Grant Analysis of cap-dependent translational repression by microRNAs in oncogensis
Academic Article The microRNA miR-31 inhibits CD8+ T cell function in chronic viral infection.
Academic Article Erratum: The microRNA miR-31 inhibits CD8+ T cell function in chronic viral infection.
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