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Academic Article Plasma cell problems: Case 1. Disseminated cutaneous plasmacytomas treated with total skin electron radiotherapy.
Academic Article Kidney disease associated with plasma cell dyscrasias.
Academic Article From the bench to the bedside: emerging new treatments in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Vascular endothelial growth factor triggers signaling cascades mediating multiple myeloma cell growth and migration.
Academic Article An antigenic study of human plasma cells in normal tissue and in myeloma: identification of a novel plasma cell associated antigen.
Academic Article Advances in the treatment of monoclonal gammopaties: The emerging role of targeted therapy in plasma cell dyscrasias.
Academic Article Plasma cell leukemia: consensus statement on diagnostic requirements, response criteria and treatment recommendations by the International Myeloma Working Group.
Academic Article How I treat plasma cell leukemia.
Academic Article International Myeloma Working Group guidelines for serum-free light chain analysis in multiple myeloma and related disorders.
Academic Article MGUS and smoldering myeloma: the most prevalent of plasma cell dyscrasias.
Concept Leukemia, Plasma Cell
Concept Neoplasms, Plasma Cell
Concept Plasma Cells
Academic Article The comprehensive clinical management of multiple myeloma and related-plasma cell disorders.
Academic Article Proteomic profiling of naïve multiple myeloma patient plasma cells identifies pathways associated with favourable response to bortezomib-based treatment regimens.
Academic Article BH3 profiling identifies heterogeneous dependency on Bcl-2 family members in multiple myeloma and predicts sensitivity to BH3 mimetics.
Academic Article IgM myeloma: A multicenter retrospective study of 134 patients.
Academic Article Role of 18F-FDG PET/CT in the diagnosis and management of multiple myeloma and other plasma cell disorders: a consensus statement by the International Myeloma Working Group.
Academic Article Secondary plasma cell leukemia: a multicenter retrospective study of 101 patients.
Academic Article Minimal residual disease negativity using deep sequencing is a major prognostic factor in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article A clinical perspective on plasma cell leukemia; current status and future directions.
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