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overview RESEARCH INTERESTS 1. Family-centered interventions for obesity prevention 2. Parenting effects on youth physical activity and screen-based behaviors 3. Development and application of conceptual models for obesity prevention 4. Program evaluation; longitudinal research designs My research primarily focuses on family- and community-level factors that influence children's lifestyle behaviors (diet, physical activity, screen-based activities) and risk of obesity. Key topics that I have researched to date include familial clustering of risk behaviors linked with accelerated weight gain in children, psychosocial consequences of obesity in children, parenting strategies that promote active lifestyles in children, and developmental and contextual factors that explain declines in adolescent girls’ physical activity. More recently, my work has focused on the development and evaluation of family-centered interventions for obesity prevention in low-income children, including children enrolled in WIC and Head Start. A primary emphasis of these programs is the need to consider the family unit as a whole and address factors beyond the family (e.g., community resources, media factors) that impact on intrafamilial interactions around healthy lifestyles. A secondary focus of my work is the development and application of conceptual models that foster a stronger understanding of the contextual, developmental and behavioral origins of obesity in children and adolescents. Examples include the Ecological Model of Childhood Obesity (Davison & Birch 2001), the Family Ecological Model (Davison & Campell, 2005) and the Family Action-based Model of Intervention Layout and Implementation (FAMILI)) (Davison, Lawson, & Coatsworth, in press).
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Academic Article Childhood overweight: a contextual model and recommendations for future research.
Academic Article Parents' activity-related parenting practices predict girls' physical activity.
Academic Article A childhood obesity intervention developed by families for families: results from a pilot study.
Academic Article Parenting styles, parenting practices, and physical activity in 10- to 11-year olds.
Academic Article Links between parents' and girls' television viewing behaviors: a longitudinal examination.
Academic Article Parental sedentary restriction, maternal parenting style, and television viewing among 10- to 11-year-olds.
Academic Article Family environmental factors influencing the developing behavioral controls of food intake and childhood overweight.
Academic Article Associations among social capital, parenting for active lifestyles, and youth physical activity in rural families living in upstate New York.
Concept Parenting
Academic Article Social-cognitive predictors of low-income parents' restriction of screen time among preschool-aged children.
Academic Article Reframing family-centred obesity prevention using the Family Ecological Model.
Academic Article Physical activity parenting measurement and research: challenges, explanations, and solutions.
Academic Article The family context of low-income parents who restrict child screen time.
Academic Article Family ecological predictors of physical activity parenting in low-income families.
Academic Article Social support may buffer the effect of intrafamilial stressors on preschool children's television viewing time in low-income families.
Academic Article Maternal depression and childhood obesity: a systematic review.
Academic Article The empowerment of low-income parents engaged in a childhood obesity intervention.
Academic Article A qualitative study of parents' perceptions and use of portion size strategies for preschool children's snacks.
Academic Article Reasons Low-Income Parents Offer Snacks to Children: How Feeding Rationale Influences Snack Frequency and Adherence to Dietary Recommendations.
Academic Article Parenting around child snacking: development of a theoretically-guided, empirically informed conceptual model.
Academic Article The Activity Support Scale for Multiple Groups (ACTS-MG): Child-reported Physical Activity Parenting in African American and Non-Hispanic White Families.
Academic Article A systematic review of media parenting in the context of childhood obesity research.
Academic Article Diversity in fathers' food parenting practices: A qualitative exploration within a heterogeneous sample.
Academic Article Parenting and childhood obesity research: a quantitative content analysis of published research 2009-2015.
Grant Empowerment as a mechanism for change in childhood obesity prevention
Grant Snacking in young children: parental definitions, goals, and feeding practices
Academic Article Fathers' Representation in Observational Studies on Parenting and Childhood Obesity: A Systematic Review and Content Analysis.
Academic Article Fathers' Representation in Observational Studies on Parenting and Childhood Obesity: A Systematic Review and Content Analysis.
Academic Article Fathers' Perspectives on Coparenting in the Context of Child Feeding.
Academic Article Food parenting and child snacking: a systematic review.
Academic Article Development and preliminary validation of the Parenting around SNAcking Questionnaire (P-SNAQ).
Academic Article The forgotten parent: Fathers' representation in family interventions to prevent childhood obesity.
Academic Article Corrigendum to "Development and preliminary validation of the Parenting around SNAcking Questionnaire (P-SNAQ)" Appetite 125 (2018) 323-332.
Academic Article Communities for healthy living (CHL) - A family-centered childhood obesity prevention program integrated into Head Start services: Study protocol for a pragmatic cluster randomized trial.
Academic Article Meeting Report on the Conference on Fathers' Role in Children's Weight-Related Behaviors and Outcomes.
Grant Paternal influence on children's weight outcomes
Academic Article The Obesity Parenting Intervention Scale: Factorial Validity and Invariance Among Head Start Parents.
Academic Article Fathers' food parenting: A scoping review of the literature from 1990 to 2019.
Academic Article Contextual and Parenting Factors Contribute to Shorter Sleep Among Hispanic/Latinx Compared to Non-Hispanic White Infants.
Academic Article Associations between Coparenting Quality and Food Parenting Practices among Mothers and Fathers in the Guelph Family Health Study.
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