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Academic Article Otolith function tests in patients with unilateral vestibular lesions.
Academic Article Reduction of postural sway by use of a vibrotactile balance prosthesis prototype in subjects with vestibular deficits.
Academic Article Effect of displacement, velocity, and combined vibrotactile tilt feedback on postural control of vestibulopathic subjects.
Academic Article Control of sway using vibrotactile feedback of body tilt in patients with moderate and severe postural control deficits.
Academic Article Determining the effectiveness of a vibrotactile balance prosthesis.
Academic Article Galvanic disruption of vestibulospinal postural control by cochlear implant devices.
Academic Article Vibrotactile tilt feedback improves dynamic gait index: a fall risk indicator in older adults.
Academic Article Computerized screening of the human vestibulospinal system.
Academic Article Human vestibulo-spinal responses to direct electrical eighth nerve stimulation.
Academic Article Recovery from perturbations during paced walking.
Academic Article Application of multivariate statistics to vestibular testing: discriminating between Menière's disease and migraine associated dizziness.
Academic Article Effects of multi-directional vibrotactile feedback on vestibular-deficient postural performance during continuous multi-directional support surface perturbations.
Academic Article Vestibular system abnormalities in otosclerotic subjects.
Academic Article An analysis of asymmetries in cat vertical eye movements generated by sinusoidal pitch.
Academic Article Balance prostheses for postural control.
Academic Article Normal subject postural sway during the Romberg test.
Academic Article Gain and phase of cat vertical eye movements generated by sinusoidal pitch rotations with and without head tilt.
Academic Article Influence of gravity on cat vertical vestibulo-ocular reflex.
Academic Article Otoneurological examination in panic disorder and agoraphobia with panic attacks: a pilot study.
Academic Article Vestibular function test anomalies in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.
Academic Article Responses evoked by a vestibular implant providing chronic stimulation.
Academic Article Vestibular function in periodic alternating nystagmus.
Academic Article Balance prosthesis based on micromechanical sensors using vibrotactile feedback of tilt.
Academic Article Vibrotactile display coding for a balance prosthesis.
Academic Article Effects of visual and support surface orientation references upon postural control in vestibular deficient subjects.
Academic Article The vestibulospinal stability test: normal limits.
Academic Article Postural stability and rotational tests: their effectiveness for screening dizzy patients.
Academic Article Adaptation to altered support and visual conditions during stance: patients with vestibular deficits.
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