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Concept Operating Rooms
Academic Article The Surgical Safety Checklist and Teamwork Coaching Tools: a study of inter-rater reliability.
Academic Article Surgical team member assessment of the safety of surgery practice in 38 South Carolina hospitals.
Academic Article Operating Room Clinicians' Attitudes and Perceptions of a Pediatric Surgical Safety Checklist at 1 Institution.
Academic Article Implementation of the Surgical Safety Checklist in South Carolina Hospitals Is Associated with Improvement in Perceived Perioperative Safety.
Academic Article A behaviourally anchored rating scale for evaluating the use of the WHO surgical safety checklist: development and initial evaluation of the WHOBARS.
Academic Article Relationship Between Operating Room Teamwork, Contextual Factors, and Safety Checklist Performance.
Academic Article Narrative feedback from OR personnel about the safety of their surgical practice before and after a surgical safety checklist intervention.
Academic Article Perception of Safety of Surgical Practice Among Operating Room Personnel From Survey Data Is Associated With All-cause 30-day Postoperative Death Rate in South Carolina.
Academic Article Factors Influencing Team Behaviors in Surgery: A Qualitative Study to Inform Teamwork Interventions.
Academic Article Factors associated with the use of cognitive aids in operating room crises: a cross-sectional study of US hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers.
Academic Article Scaling Safety: The South Carolina Surgical Safety Checklist Experience.
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