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Academic Article Specialized ambulatory anesthesia teams have mixed effect on operating room efficiency
Academic Article Anesthesia for Outside of the Operating Room Procedures
Academic Article Presence of anesthesia resident trainees in day surgery unit has mixed effects on operating room efficiency measures.
Academic Article Specialized Ambulatory Anesthesia Teams: Do They Affect Operating Room Efficiency?
Academic Article Operating Room Management
Concept Operating Rooms
Academic Article Management of a fire in the operating room.
Academic Article Variability of subspecialty-specific anesthesia-controlled times at two academic institutions.
Academic Article Successful strategies for the reduction of operating room turnover times in a tertiary care academic medical center.
Academic Article Emotional intelligence in the operating room: analysis from the Boston Marathon bombing.
Academic Article Operating room metrics score card-creating a prototype for individualized feedback.
Academic Article Process redesign to improve first case surgical starts in an academic institution.
Academic Article An anesthesia medication cost scorecard--concepts for individualized feedback.
Academic Article Analysis of Adverse Events Associated With Adult Moderate Procedural Sedation Outside the Operating Room.
Academic Article Complications of Non-Operating Room Procedures: Outcomes From the National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry.
Academic Article Novel improvements in perioperative sterility.
Academic Article Qualitative analysis of barriers to efficient operating room turnovers in a tertiary care academic medical center.
Academic Article Perceptions of communication in the operating room: a pilot survey study.
Academic Article Effective strategies in improving operating room case delays and cancellations at an academic medical center.
Academic Article Strategies to maintain operating room functionality following the complete loss of the recovery room due to an internal disaster.
Academic Article The Impact of Overestimations of Surgical Control Times Across Multiple Specialties on Medical Systems.
Academic Article Non-operating Room Anesthesia: The Principles of Patient Assessment and Preparation.
Academic Article Effect of Anesthesia Staffing Ratio on First-Case Surgical Start Time.
Academic Article The challenges of implementing electronic health records for anesthesia use outside the operating room.
Academic Article Use of Historical Surgical Times to Predict Duration of Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty.
Academic Article Introduction of a new electronic medical record system has mixed effects on first surgical case efficiency metrics.
Academic Article Effect of the Implementation of a New Electronic Health Record System on Surgical Case Turnover Time.
Academic Article Growth of Nonoperating Room Anesthesia Care in the United States: A Contemporary Trends Analysis.
Academic Article Safety Culture in the Operating Room: Variability Among Perioperative Healthcare Workers.
Academic Article A System-Wide Approach to Physician Efficiency and Utilization Rates for Non-Operating Room Anesthesia Sites.
Academic Article Analysis to Establish Differences in Efficiency Metrics Between Operating Room and Non-Operating Room Anesthesia Cases.
Academic Article After-hour Versus Daytime Shifts in Non-Operating Room Anesthesia Environments: National Distribution of Case Volume, Patient Characteristics, and Procedures.
Academic Article The future of nonoperating room anesthesia in the 21st century: emphasis on quality and safety.
Academic Article Implementation and Use of Anesthesia Information Management Systems for Non-operating Room Locations.
Academic Article Safety of Non-Operating Room Anesthesia: A Closed Claims Update.
Academic Article Comparison of Anesthesia for Dental/Oral Surgery by Office-based Dentist Anesthesiologists versus Operating Room-based Physician Anesthesiologists.
Academic Article Interventional Procedures Outside of the Operating Room: Results From the National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry.
Academic Article Contributors to Operating Room Underutilization and Implications for Hospital Administrators.
Academic Article Creating a Standardized Operating Room Management Curriculum for Anesthesia Trainees.
Academic Article Operating Room Management at the Edge of Order and Chaos.
Academic Article The Association of Anesthesia Clinical Directors (AACD) Glossary of Times Used for Scheduling and Monitoring of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures.
Academic Article Applying Performance Frontiers in Operating Room Management: A Tutorial Using Data From an Academic Medical Center.
Academic Article Machine Learning Can Improve Estimation of Surgical Case Duration: A Pilot Study.
Academic Article A Machine Learning Approach to Predicting Case Duration for Robot-Assisted Surgery.
Academic Article The Impact of Airway Technique on Anesthesia Control Time.
Academic Article Utilizing the procedural times glossary as a roadmap to improve efficiency tracking in non-operating room environments.
Academic Article Non-Operating Room Anesthesia: Patient Selection and Special Considerations.
Academic Article COVID-19: Recommendations for regional anesthesia.
Academic Article Using a pre-procedure COVID-19 huddle to improve operating room safety.
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