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overview Center for Perioperative Research Departments of Anesthesiology and Surgery Brigham and Women's Hospital Boston, MA
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Academic Article Anesthesiology Student Survival Guide: A Case-Based Approach
Academic Article Presence of Resident Trainees in an Ambulatory Practice Setting Does Not Affect Patient Outcomes
Academic Article Improved Model for Predicting PONV in Day Surgery Patients Using Physician-Modifiable Risk Factors
Academic Article Do specialized ambulatory anesthesia teams contribute to better patient outcomes?
Academic Article Introduction of anesthesia resident trainees to day surgery unit can lead to decreased OR efficiency
Academic Article Specialized Ambulatory Anesthesia Teams: Do They Affect Operating Room Efficiency?
Academic Article Role of intravenous caffeine in PONV prevention in ambulatory surgery patients: a prospective study
Concept Anesthesiology
Academic Article The evolution of checklists and implications for anesthesiology.
Academic Article Perioperative analgesia: ever-changing technology and pharmacology.
Academic Article Anesthesia report card - a customizable tool for performance improvement.
Academic Article Analysis of patient injury based on anesthesiology closed claims data from a major malpractice insurer.
Academic Article Operating room metrics score card-creating a prototype for individualized feedback.
Academic Article A procedural sedation quality improvement audit form tool for interventional radiology.
Academic Article Perceptions of communication in the operating room: a pilot survey study.
Academic Article Effect of Anesthesia Staffing Ratio on First-Case Surgical Start Time.
Academic Article Remimazolam: Pharmacologic Considerations and Clinical Role in Anesthesiology.
Academic Article A Review of Scientific Literature of Interest to Office-Based Anesthesiology Practice.
Academic Article Trauma Anesthesiology as Part of the Core Anesthesiology Residency Program Training: Expert Opinion of the American Society of Anesthesiologists Committee on Trauma and Emergency Preparedness (ASA COTEP).
Academic Article Preoperative Assessment for Ambulatory Surgery.
Academic Article The future of nonoperating room anesthesia in the 21st century: emphasis on quality and safety.
Academic Article Implementation and Use of Anesthesia Information Management Systems for Non-operating Room Locations.
Academic Article Safety of Non-Operating Room Anesthesia: A Closed Claims Update.
Academic Article Recommendations for Preoperative Management of Frailty from the Society for Perioperative Assessment and Quality Improvement (SPAQI).
Academic Article Creating a Standardized Operating Room Management Curriculum for Anesthesia Trainees.
Academic Article Aligning Anesthesiology and Perioperative Services with Value-Based Care: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association of Anesthesia Clinical Directors (AACD).
Academic Article The Association of Anesthesia Clinical Directors (AACD) Glossary of Times Used for Scheduling and Monitoring of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures.
Academic Article Implementation of Routine Cognitive Screening in the Preoperative Assessment Clinic.
Academic Article Concepts for the Development of Anesthesia-Related Patient Decision Aids.
Academic Article Resident-Driven Quality Improvement Project in Perioperative Hand Hygiene.
Academic Article Anesthesia Quality Improvement on Both Sides of the Atlantic.
Academic Article Quality, cost and teamwork: Adding the human element to perioperative services. Proceedings of the Association of Anesthesia Clinical Directors (AACD) Annual Perioperative Summit, 2019.
Academic Article A Contemporary Analysis of Medicolegal Issues in Obstetric Anesthesia Between 2005 and 2015.
Academic Article Older Adult With Cognitive Impairment Undergoing Ambulatory Surgery: New Epidemiological Evidence With Implications for Anesthesia Practice.
Academic Article A Review of Scientific Literature of Interest to Office-Based Anesthesiology Practitioners.
Academic Article Moderate and deep sedation training and pharmacology for nonanesthesiologists: recommendations for effective practice.
Academic Article The Growing Challenge of the Older Surgical Population.
Academic Article Application of Kern's 6-Step Approach in the Development of a Novel Anesthesiology Curriculum for Perioperative Code Status and Goals of Care Discussions.
Academic Article In Response.
Academic Article Point of care ultrasound for the clinical anesthesiologist.
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