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Academic Article In vivo tracking of 'color-coded' effector, natural and induced regulatory T cells in the allograft response.
Academic Article Polyplex nanomicelle promotes hydrodynamic gene introduction to skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Fabrication and operation of GRIN probes for in vivo fluorescence cellular imaging of internal organs in small animals.
Academic Article Brillouin microscopy of collagen crosslinking: noncontact depth-dependent analysis of corneal elastic modulus.
Academic Article A novel laser vaccine adjuvant increases the motility of antigen presenting cells.
Academic Article Multimodality optical imaging of embryonic heart microstructure.
Academic Article Brillouin optical microscopy for corneal biomechanics.
Academic Article In vivo wide-area cellular imaging by side-view endomicroscopy.
Academic Article 115 kHz tuning repetition rate ultrahigh-speed wavelength-swept semiconductor laser.
Academic Article Endoscopic time-lapse imaging of immune cells in infarcted mouse hearts.
Academic Article In vivo confocal and multiphoton microendoscopy.
Academic Article In vivo real-time confocal microscopy for target-specific delivery of hyaluronic acid-quantum dot conjugates.
Academic Article Self-assembled complex of probe peptide--E. Coli RNA I conjugate and nano graphene oxide for apoptosis diagnosis.
Academic Article In vivo Brillouin optical microscopy of the human eye.
Academic Article Adaptive aberration correction of GRIN lenses for confocal endomicroscopy.
Academic Article Bioimaging of hyaluronic acid derivatives using nanosized carbon dots.
Concept Microscopy, Confocal
Academic Article Biomechanical characterization of keratoconus corneas ex vivo with Brillouin microscopy.
Academic Article In vivo imaging of Lgr5-positive cell populations using confocal laser endomicroscopy during early colon tumorigenesis.
Academic Article Noncontact three-dimensional mapping of intracellular hydromechanical properties by Brillouin microscopy.
Academic Article Shear Brillouin light scattering microscope.
Academic Article Line-scanning Brillouin microscopy for rapid non-invasive mechanical imaging.
Academic Article In Vivo Brillouin Analysis of the Aging Crystalline Lens.
Academic Article Label-free nanoscale optical metrology on myelinated axons in vivo.
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  • Microscopy Confocal
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