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Academic Article Some economics of mental health 'carve-outs'.
Academic Article Service-level selection by HMOs in Medicare.
Academic Article Measuring adverse selection in managed health care.
Academic Article The politics and economics of mental health 'parity' laws.
Academic Article Optimal quality reporting in markets for health plans.
Academic Article Payment systems and hospital resource use: a comparative analysis of psychiatric, medical and obstetric services.
Academic Article Clinical uncertainty and healthcare disparities.
Academic Article The effect of employee assistance plan benefits on the use of outpatient behavioral health care.
Academic Article Establishing a capitation policy for mental health and substance abuse services in healthcare reform.
Academic Article Using global ratings of health plans to improve the quality of health care.
Academic Article Why don't private employers use risk adjustment? Conference overview.
Academic Article Private employers don't need formal risk adjustment.
Academic Article Differences in resource use and cost among facilities treating alcohol, drug abuse, and mental disorders: implications for design of a prospective payment system.
Academic Article Mental health and substance abuse coverage under health reform.
Academic Article Health insurance coverage for vulnerable populations: contrasting Asian Americans and Latinos in the United States.
Academic Article Effectiveness, patient matching, and insurance coverage for depression.
Academic Article Solutions for adverse selection in behavioral health care.
Academic Article Financing long-term care: a practical mix of public and private.
Academic Article The economic functions of carve outs in managed care.
Academic Article Using performance measures to motivate 'report-averse' and 'report-loving' agents.
Academic Article Regulating a health insurance exchange: implications for individuals with mental illness.
Academic Article Reimbursement policy and cost-effective mental health care.
Academic Article Financing and demand for mental health services.
Academic Article Integrated employee assistance program/managed behavioral health care benefits: relationship with access and client characteristics.
Academic Article The costs of mental health parity: still an impediment?
Academic Article Supply-side and demand-side cost sharing in health care.
Academic Article The prevalence of formal risk adjustment in health plan purchasing.
Academic Article Alternative insurance arrangements and the treatment of depression: what are the facts?
Academic Article Insurance principles and the design of prospective payment systems.
Academic Article Risk adjustment alternatives in paying for behavioral health care under Medicaid.
Academic Article Trends in mental health cost growth: an expanded role for management?
Academic Article Preferred provider organizations: options for Medicare.
Academic Article Medicare payment to psychiatric facilities: unfair and inefficient?
Academic Article Price and membership in a prepaid group medical practice.
Academic Article Implementing the Institute of Medicine definition of disparities: an application to mental health care.
Academic Article Political and economic determinants of insurance regulation in mental health.
Academic Article An economic history of Medicare part C.
Academic Article Overcoming barriers to reducing the burden of affective disorders.
Academic Article Forecasting the cost of drug abuse treatment coverage in private health insurance.
Academic Article Will parity in coverage result in better mental health care?
Academic Article Mental health in the context of health disparities.
Academic Article Robbing Peter to pay Paul: did New York State's outpatient commitment program crowd out voluntary service recipients?
Academic Article Paying for mental health and substance abuse care.
Academic Article A review of studies of the impact of insurance on the demand and utilization of specialty mental health services.
Academic Article Optimal payment systems for health services.
Academic Article Mandated mental health benefits in private health insurance.
Academic Article Mandating employer coverage of mental health care.
Academic Article Ownership and performance: the case of outpatient mental health clinics.
Academic Article Predicting the cost of mental health benefits.
Academic Article A model mental health benefit in private health insurance.
Academic Article Benefit flexibility, cost shifting and mandated mental health coverage.
Academic Article Predictability and predictiveness in health care spending.
Academic Article Racial and ethnic disparities in the treatment of a Medicaid population with schizophrenia.
Academic Article Costs of mandates for outpatient mental health care in private health insurance.
Concept Insurance Coverage
Concept Insurance Pools
Concept National Health Insurance, United States
Concept Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Plans
Concept Insurance Carriers
Concept Insurance, Psychiatric
Concept Insurance Claim Review
Concept Insurance Benefits
Concept Insurance Selection Bias
Concept Insurance, Long-Term Care
Concept Insurance, Hospitalization
Concept Insurance, Health
Academic Article Integrating risk adjustment and enrollee premiums in health plan payment.
Academic Article The cost of private-practice psychiatry under national health insurance.
Academic Article Assessing incentives for service-level selection in private health insurance exchanges.
Academic Article The power of reinsurance in health insurance exchanges to improve the fit of the payment system and reduce incentives for adverse selection.
Academic Article Tradeoffs in the design of health plan payment systems: Fit, power and balance.
Academic Article Risk-Adjustment Simulation: Plans May Have Incentives To Distort Mental Health And Substance Use Coverage.
Academic Article Achieving Mental Health Care Parity Might Require Changes In Payments And Competition.
Grant Mental Health Coverage and Payment in Private Health Plans
Academic Article A Welfare Measure of "Offset Effects" in Health Insurance.
Academic Article Improving risk equalization with constrained regression.
Academic Article Value-based payment in implementing evidence-based care: the Mental Health Integration Program in Washington state.
Academic Article Regulated Medicare Advantage And Marketplace Individual Health Insurance Markets Rely On Insurer Competition.
Academic Article Passive Enrollment Of Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries Into Medicare And Medicaid Managed Care Has Not Met Expectations.
Academic Article Introduction to the special section health plan payment in regulated competition.
Academic Article Measuring efficiency of health plan payment systems in managed competition health insurance markets.
Academic Article Implications of family risk pooling for individual health insurance markets.
Academic Article Matching and Imputation Methods for Risk Adjustment in the Health Insurance Marketplaces.
Academic Article Deriving risk adjustment payment weights to maximize efficiency of health insurance markets.
Academic Article Paying for Mental Health Care in Private Health Insurance in the Netherlands: Some Lessons for the United States.
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