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Academic Article A simple and reliable method to calibrate respiratory magnetometers and Respitrace.
Academic Article Plateau pressures in the ARDSnet protocol: cause of injury or indication of disease?
Academic Article Cytokine release following recruitment maneuvers.
Academic Article Mechanical ventilation guided by esophageal pressure in acute lung injury.
Academic Article Diaphragmatic excursion after pleural sclerosis.
Academic Article Effect of posture on upper and lower rib cage motion and tidal volume during diaphragm pacing.
Academic Article Distribution of pulmonary resistance: effects of gas density, viscosity, and flow rate.
Academic Article Chest wall configurational changes before and during acute obstructive episodes in asthma.
Academic Article Effects of frequency, tidal volume, and lung volume on CO2 elimination in dogs by high frequency (2-30 Hz), low tidal volume ventilation.
Academic Article Amplitude dependency of regional chest wall resistance and elastance at normal breathing frequencies.
Academic Article Estimates of ventilation from body surface measurements in unrestrained subjects.
Academic Article Maintaining end-expiratory transpulmonary pressure prevents worsening of ventilator-induced lung injury caused by chest wall constriction in surfactant-depleted rats.
Academic Article Chest wall distortion during resistive inspiratory loading.
Concept Tidal Volume
Academic Article Prone positioning reduces mortality from acute respiratory distress syndrome in the low tidal volume era: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article Driving pressure and respiratory mechanics in ARDS.
Academic Article Volume Delivered During Recruitment Maneuver Predicts Lung Stress in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.
Academic Article Quantifying unintended exposure to high tidal volumes from breath stacking dyssynchrony in ARDS: the BREATHE criteria.
Grant EPVent 2-A Phase II Trial Esophageal Pressure Guided Ventilation
Grant Respiratory Mechanics in Lung Disease and Surgery
Academic Article Recruitment maneuvers: using transpulmonary pressure to help Goldilocks.
Academic Article A fixed correction of absolute transpulmonary pressure may not be ideal for clinical use : Discussion on "Accuracy of esophageal pressure to assess transpulmonary pressure during mechanical ventilation".
Academic Article Effects of Prone Positioning on Transpulmonary Pressures and End-expiratory Volumes in Patients without Lung Disease.
Academic Article Lung volumes and transpulmonary pressure are decreased with expiratory effort and restored with passive breathing in ARDS: a reapplication of the traditional Campbell diagram.
Academic Article Reverse triggering with breath stacking during mechanical ventilation results in large tidal volumes and transpulmonary pressure swings.
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