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Academic Article Hydroxylated PCB metabolites and PCBs in serum from pregnant Faroese women.
Academic Article Early-life prevention of non-communicable diseases.
Academic Article A retrospective study of PBDEs and PCBs in human milk from the Faroe Islands.
Academic Article Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) induction of CYP3A4 enzyme activity in healthy Faroese adults.
Academic Article Trends in mercury in hair of Greenlandic polar bears (Ursus maritimus) during 1892-2001.
Academic Article Developmental origins of environmentally induced disease and dysfunction International Conference on Foetal Programming and Developmental Toxicity, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, 20-24 May, 2007.
Academic Article Functional MRI approach to developmental methylmercury and polychlorinated biphenyl neurotoxicity.
Academic Article Economic benefits of methylmercury exposure control in Europe: monetary value of neurotoxicity prevention.
Academic Article Partition of environmental chemicals between maternal and fetal blood and tissues.
Academic Article Caffeine N3-demethylation (CYP1A2) in a population with an increased exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls.
Academic Article The faroes statement: human health effects of developmental exposure to chemicals in our environment.
Academic Article Assessment of xenoestrogenic exposure by a biomarker approach: application of the E-Screen bioassay to determine estrogenic response of serum extracts.
Academic Article Late insights into early origins of disease.
Academic Article The Matthew effect in environmental science publication: a bibliometric analysis of chemical substances in journal articles.
Academic Article Adverse effects of methylmercury: environmental health research implications.
Academic Article Comparison of polychlorinated biphenyl levels across studies of human neurodevelopment.
Academic Article Prenatal Programming and Toxicity II (PPTOX II): role of environmental stressors in the developmental origins of disease.
Academic Article Economic evaluation of health consequences of prenatal methylmercury exposure in France.
Academic Article An international pooled analysis for obtaining a benchmark dose for environmental lead exposure in children.
Academic Article Concentrations of polybrominated diphenyl ethers, polychlonnated biphenyls, and polychlorobiphenylols in serum from pregnant Faroese women and their children 7 years later.
Academic Article Reproductive hormone profile and pubertal development in 14-year-old boys prenatally exposed to polychlorinated biphenyls.
Academic Article Use of advanced cluster analysis to characterize fish consumption patterns and methylmercury dietary exposures from fish and other sea foods among pregnant women.
Academic Article Sensitivity of continuous performance test (CPT) at age 14 years to developmental methylmercury exposure.
Academic Article Developmental origins of adult diseases and neurotoxicity: epidemiological and experimental studies.
Academic Article Effects of maternal smoking and exposure to methylmercury on brain-derived neurotrophic factor concentrations in umbilical cord serum.
Academic Article Larry Needham and the partition ratio.
Academic Article Increased serum concentrations of persistent organic pollutants among prediabetic individuals: potential role of altered substrate oxidation patterns.
Academic Article Persistent organic pollutants and type 2 diabetes: a prospective analysis in the nurses' health study and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Breastfeeding and the weanling's dilemma.
Academic Article Risk assessment: extrapolation to individual risk.
Academic Article Neurobehavioral deficits at age 7 years associated with prenatal exposure to toxicants from maternal seafood diet.
Academic Article Attenuated growth of breast-fed children exposed to increased concentrations of methylmercury and polychlorinated biphenyls.
Academic Article Direct assessment of cumulative aryl hydrocarbon receptor agonist activity in sera from experimentally exposed mice and environmentally exposed humans.
Concept Environmental Pollutants
Academic Article Visual evoked potentials in children prenatally exposed to methylmercury.
Academic Article Transparency and translation of science in a modern world.
Academic Article Adiposity and glycemic control in children exposed to perfluorinated compounds.
Academic Article Immunotoxicity of perfluorinated alkylates: calculation of benchmark doses based on serum concentrations in children.
Academic Article Autoantibodies associated with prenatal and childhood exposure to environmental chemicals in Faroese children.
Academic Article Polychlorinated biphenyl exposure and glucose metabolism in 9-year-old Danish children.
Academic Article Estimating burden and disease costs of exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the European union.
Academic Article PFAS concentrations in plasma samples from Danish school children and their mothers.
Academic Article Structural equation modeling of immunotoxicity associated with exposure to perfluorinated alkylates.
Academic Article Perfluorinated Alkyl Substances: Emerging Insights Into Health Risks.
Academic Article Trace elements as paradigms of developmental neurotoxicants: Lead, methylmercury and arsenic.
Academic Article Circulating persistent organic pollutants and body fat distribution: Evidence from NHANES 1999-2004.
Academic Article Developmental Origins of Health and Disease: Integrating Environmental Influences.
Academic Article A proposed framework for the systematic review and integrated assessment (SYRINA) of endocrine disrupting chemicals.
Academic Article Sperm Aneuploidy in Faroese Men with Lifetime Exposure to Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (p,p´-DDE) and Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Pollutants.
Academic Article Lactation history, serum concentrations of persistent organic pollutants, and maternal risk of diabetes.
Grant Immunotoxicity in Humans with Lifetime Exposure to Ocean Pullutants
Grant Pollutant-related diabetes in the Nurses' Health Study II
Academic Article Behavioral difficulties in 7-year old children in relation to developmental exposure to perfluorinated alkyl substances.
Academic Article Shorter duration of breastfeeding at elevated exposures to perfluoroalkyl substances.
Academic Article Health effects associated with measured levels of contaminants in the Arctic.
Academic Article Aerobic Fitness and Neurocognitive Function Scores in Young Faroese Adults and Potential Modification by Prenatal Methylmercury Exposure.
Academic Article Children's white blood cell counts in relation to developmental exposures to methylmercury and persistent organic pollutants.
Academic Article Gestational diabetes and offspring birth size at elevated environmental pollutant exposures.
Academic Article Serum Vaccine Antibody Concentrations in Adolescents Exposed to Perfluorinated Compounds.
Grant Inflammation and metabolic abnormalities in pollutant-exposed children
Academic Article Prenatal phthalate exposure and language development in toddlers from the Odense Child Cohort.
Academic Article Calculation of the disease burden associated with environmental chemical exposures: application of toxicological information in health economic estimation.
Academic Article Can profiles of poly- and Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in human serum provide information on major exposure sources?
Academic Article Plasma Concentrations of Perfluoroalkyl Substances and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: A Prospective Investigation among U.S. Women.
Academic Article Identification of sex-specific DNA methylation changes driven by specific chemicals in cord blood in a Faroese birth cohort.
Academic Article Delayed discovery, dissemination, and decisions on intervention in environmental health: a case study on immunotoxicity of perfluorinated alkylate substances.
Academic Article Reproductive Function in a Population of Young Faroese Men with Elevated Exposure to Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and Perfluorinated Alkylate Substances (PFAS).
Academic Article Development priority.
Academic Article Early Life Exposures to Perfluoroalkyl Substances in Relation to Adipokine Hormone Levels at Birth and During Childhood.
Academic Article Physico-chemical properties and gestational diabetes predict transplacental transfer and partitioning of perfluoroalkyl substances.
Academic Article Environmental chemical exposures among Greenlandic children in relation to diet and residence.
Academic Article Perfluoroalkyl substances and changes in bone mineral density: A prospective analysis in the POUNDS-LOST study.
Academic Article Prenatal exposure to perfluorodecanoic acid is associated with lower circulating concentration of adrenal steroid metabolites during mini puberty in human female infants. The Odense Child Cohort.
Academic Article Prenatal Exposures to Perfluoroalkyl Acids and Associations with Markers of Adiposity and Plasma Lipids in Infancy: An Odense Child Cohort Study.
Academic Article PFAS concentration during pregnancy in relation to cardiometabolic health and birth outcomes.
Academic Article Severity of COVID-19 at elevated exposure to perfluorinated alkylates.
Academic Article Exposure to perfluoroalkyl substances during fetal life and hospitalization for infectious disease in childhood: A study among 1,503 children from the Odense Child Cohort.
Academic Article Exposure to perfluoroalkyl substances and blood pressure in pregnancy among 1436 women from the Odense Child Cohort.
Academic Article Life-course Exposure to Perfluoroalkyl Substances in Relation to Markers of Glucose Homeostasis in Early Adulthood.
Academic Article Early-life associations between per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances and serum lipids in a longitudinal birth cohort.
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