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Academic Article Selective removal of lateral olivocochlear efferents increases vulnerability to acute acoustic injury.
Academic Article Effects of chronic cochlear de-efferentation on auditory-nerve response.
Academic Article Slow build-up of cochlear suppression during sustained contralateral noise: central modulation of olivocochlear efferents?
Academic Article A novel effect of cochlear efferents: in vivo response enhancement does not require alpha9 cholinergic receptors.
Academic Article Olivocochlear innervation in the mouse: immunocytochemical maps, crossed versus uncrossed contributions, and transmitter colocalization.
Academic Article Afferent and efferent innervation of the cat cochlea: quantitative analysis with light and electron microscopy.
Academic Article Antimasking effects of the olivocochlear reflex. I. Enhancement of compound action potentials to masked tones.
Academic Article Dopaminergic innervation of the mouse inner ear: evidence for a separate cytochemical group of cochlear efferent fibers.
Academic Article Contralateral cochlear effects of ipsilateral damage: no evidence for interaural coupling.
Academic Article Rapid assessment of sound-evoked olivocochlear feedback: suppression of compound action potentials by contralateral sound.
Academic Article The olivocochlear efferent bundle and susceptibility of the inner ear to acoustic injury.
Academic Article Role of alpha9 nicotinic ACh receptor subunits in the development and function of cochlear efferent innervation.
Academic Article Brainstem branches from olivocochlear axons in cats and rodents.
Academic Article Cochlear efferent feedback balances interaural sensitivity.
Academic Article Reciprocal synapses between outer hair cells and their afferent terminals: evidence for a local neural network in the mammalian cochlea.
Academic Article Efferent-mediated protection from acoustic overexposure: relation to slow effects of olivocochlear stimulation.
Academic Article A novel cholinergic "slow effect" of efferent stimulation on cochlear potentials in the guinea pig.
Academic Article Antimasking effects of the olivocochlear reflex. II. Enhancement of auditory-nerve response to masked tones.
Academic Article SK2 channels are required for function and long-term survival of efferent synapses on mammalian outer hair cells.
Academic Article Conditioning-related protection from acoustic injury: effects of chronic deefferentation and sham surgery.
Concept Efferent Pathways
Academic Article Efferent feedback slows cochlear aging.
Academic Article Cochlear Efferent Innervation Is Sparse in Humans and Decreases with Age.
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