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Academic Article Effects of chronic cochlear de-efferentation on auditory-nerve response.
Academic Article Slow build-up of cochlear suppression during sustained contralateral noise: central modulation of olivocochlear efferents?
Academic Article Response properties of single auditory nerve fibers in the mouse.
Academic Article Engraftment and differentiation of embryonic stem cell-derived neural progenitor cells in the cochlear nerve trunk: growth of processes into the organ of Corti.
Academic Article Olivocochlear innervation in the mouse: immunocytochemical maps, crossed versus uncrossed contributions, and transmitter colocalization.
Academic Article Spatial organization of the auditory nerve according to spontaneous discharge rate.
Academic Article The role of BKCa channels in electrical signal encoding in the mammalian auditory periphery.
Academic Article Intracellular labeling of auditory nerve fibers in guinea pig: central and peripheral projections.
Academic Article Adding insult to injury: cochlear nerve degeneration after "temporary" noise-induced hearing loss.
Academic Article Central projections of auditory-nerve fibers of differing spontaneous rate. I. Anteroventral cochlear nucleus.
Academic Article Auditory-nerve activity in cats exposed to ototoxic drugs and high-intensity sounds.
Academic Article Acoustic trauma in cats. Cochlear pathology and auditory-nerve activity.
Academic Article Loss of GABAB receptors in cochlear neurons: threshold elevation suggests modulation of outer hair cell function by type II afferent fibers.
Academic Article Effects of contralateral sound on auditory-nerve responses. I. Contributions of cochlear efferents.
Academic Article Effects of contralateral sound on auditory-nerve responses. II. Dependence on stimulus variables.
Academic Article Antimasking effects of the olivocochlear reflex. I. Enhancement of compound action potentials to masked tones.
Academic Article The cochlear frequency map for the cat: labeling auditory-nerve fibers of known characteristic frequency.
Academic Article Loss of alpha CGRP reduces sound-evoked activity in the cochlear nerve.
Academic Article The impact of auditory nerve experiments on cochlear implant design.
Academic Article Onset coding is degraded in auditory nerve fibers from mutant mice lacking synaptic ribbons.
Academic Article Rapid assessment of sound-evoked olivocochlear feedback: suppression of compound action potentials by contralateral sound.
Academic Article Afferent innervation of outer hair cells in adult cats: II. Electron microscopic analysis of fibers labeled with horseradish peroxidase.
Academic Article Auditory-nerve response from cats raised in a low-noise chamber.
Academic Article Hair cell condition and auditory nerve response in normal and noise-damaged cochleas.
Academic Article Cochlear efferent feedback balances interaural sensitivity.
Academic Article Reciprocal synapses between outer hair cells and their afferent terminals: evidence for a local neural network in the mammalian cochlea.
Academic Article The central projections of intracellularly labeled auditory nerve fibers in cats.
Academic Article Applications of neuronal labeling techniques to the study of the peripheral auditory system.
Academic Article Influence of supporting cells on neuronal degeneration after hair cell loss.
Academic Article Antimasking effects of the olivocochlear reflex. II. Enhancement of auditory-nerve response to masked tones.
Academic Article Central projections of auditory nerve fibers of differing spontaneous rate, II: Posteroventral and dorsal cochlear nuclei.
Academic Article Single-neuron labeling in the cat auditory nerve.
Academic Article Physiology of cochlear efferent and afferent neurons: direct comparisons in the same animal.
Academic Article Morphometry of intracellularly labeled neurons of the auditory nerve: correlations with functional properties.
Concept Cochlear Nerve
Academic Article Generating synchrony from the asynchronous: compensation for cochlear traveling wave delays by the dendrites of individual brainstem neurons.
Academic Article Noise-induced cochlear neuropathy is selective for fibers with low spontaneous rates.
Academic Article Opposing gradients of ribbon size and AMPA receptor expression underlie sensitivity differences among cochlear-nerve/hair-cell synapses.
Academic Article Ouabain-induced cochlear nerve degeneration: synaptic loss and plasticity in a mouse model of auditory neuropathy.
Academic Article Efferent feedback slows cochlear aging.
Academic Article Shelter from the Glutamate storm: Loss of olivocochlear efferents increases cochlear nerve degeneration during aging.
Academic Article Hot Topics-Hidden hearing loss: Permanent cochlear-nerve degeneration after temporary noise-induced threshold shift.
Academic Article Immediate and delayed cochlear neuropathy after noise exposure in pubescent mice.
Academic Article Chronic Conductive Hearing Loss Leads to Cochlear Degeneration.
Academic Article Synaptopathy in the noise-exposed and aging cochlea: Primary neural degeneration in acquired sensorineural hearing loss.
Academic Article The middle ear muscle reflex in the diagnosis of cochlear neuropathy.
Academic Article Perinatal thiamine deficiency causes cochlear innervation abnormalities in mice.
Academic Article Cochlear neuropathy in human presbycusis: Confocal analysis of hidden hearing loss in post-mortem tissue.
Academic Article Postnatal maturation of auditory-nerve heterogeneity, as seen in spatial gradients of synapse morphology in the inner hair cell area.
Academic Article Cochlear synaptopathy in acquired sensorineural hearing loss: Manifestations and mechanisms.
Academic Article Effects of cochlear synaptopathy on middle-ear muscle reflexes in unanesthetized mice.
Academic Article Electrophysiological markers of cochlear function correlate with hearing-in-noise performance among audiometrically normal subjects.
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