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Academic Article Chronic cochlear de-efferentation and susceptibility to permanent acoustic injury.
Academic Article Gentamicin blocks both fast and slow effects of olivocochlear activation in anesthetized guinea pigs.
Academic Article Slow build-up of cochlear suppression during sustained contralateral noise: central modulation of olivocochlear efferents?
Academic Article Response properties of single auditory nerve fibers in the mouse.
Academic Article A novel effect of cochlear efferents: in vivo response enhancement does not require alpha9 cholinergic receptors.
Academic Article Urocortin-deficient mice show hearing impairment and increased anxiety-like behavior.
Academic Article Heat stress and protection from permanent acoustic injury in mice.
Academic Article Hearing and vestibular deficits in the Coch(-/-) null mouse model: comparison to the Coch(G88E/G88E) mouse and to DFNA9 hearing and balance disorder.
Academic Article Modulation of cochlear afferent response by the lateral olivocochlear system: activation via electrical stimulation of the inferior colliculus.
Academic Article Long-term sound conditioning enhances cochlear sensitivity.
Academic Article Otoacoustic emissions without somatic motility: can stereocilia mechanics drive the mammalian cochlea?
Academic Article The role of BKCa channels in electrical signal encoding in the mammalian auditory periphery.
Academic Article Adding insult to injury: cochlear nerve degeneration after "temporary" noise-induced hearing loss.
Academic Article Loss of GABAB receptors in cochlear neurons: threshold elevation suggests modulation of outer hair cell function by type II afferent fibers.
Academic Article Effects of contralateral sound on auditory-nerve responses. I. Contributions of cochlear efferents.
Academic Article Effects of contralateral sound on auditory-nerve responses. II. Dependence on stimulus variables.
Academic Article Antimasking effects of the olivocochlear reflex. I. Enhancement of compound action potentials to masked tones.
Academic Article Single olivocochlear neurons in the guinea pig. II. Response plasticity due to noise conditioning.
Academic Article Functional role of GABAergic innervation of the cochlea: phenotypic analysis of mice lacking GABA(A) receptor subunits alpha 1, alpha 2, alpha 5, alpha 6, beta 2, beta 3, or delta.
Academic Article Loss of alpha CGRP reduces sound-evoked activity in the cochlear nerve.
Academic Article Onset coding is degraded in auditory nerve fibers from mutant mice lacking synaptic ribbons.
Academic Article Contralateral cochlear effects of ipsilateral damage: no evidence for interaural coupling.
Academic Article Efferent feedback minimizes cochlear neuropathy from moderate noise exposure.
Academic Article Auditory-nerve response from cats raised in a low-noise chamber.
Academic Article Predicting vulnerability to acoustic injury with a noninvasive assay of olivocochlear reflex strength.
Academic Article The olivocochlear efferent bundle and susceptibility of the inner ear to acoustic injury.
Academic Article Response properties of cochlear efferent neurons: monaural vs. binaural stimulation and the effects of noise.
Academic Article Cochlear efferent feedback balances interaural sensitivity.
Academic Article Click-evoked gross potentials and single-unit thresholds in acoustically traumatized cats.
Academic Article Efferent-mediated protection from acoustic overexposure: relation to slow effects of olivocochlear stimulation.
Academic Article The ipsilaterally evoked olivocochlear reflex causes rapid adaptation of the 2f1-f2 distortion product otoacoustic emission.
Academic Article Physiology and anatomy of single olivocochlear neurons in the cat.
Academic Article A novel cholinergic "slow effect" of efferent stimulation on cochlear potentials in the guinea pig.
Academic Article Medial olivocochlear reflex interneurons are located in the posteroventral cochlear nucleus: a kainic acid lesion study in guinea pigs.
Academic Article Olivocochlear reflex assays: effects of contralateral sound on compound action potentials versus ear-canal distortion products.
Academic Article Sound-evoked olivocochlear activation in unanesthetized mice.
Academic Article Central projections of auditory nerve fibers of differing spontaneous rate, II: Posteroventral and dorsal cochlear nuclei.
Academic Article Conditioning-related protection from acoustic injury: effects of chronic deefferentation and sham surgery.
Concept Acoustic Stimulation
Academic Article Generating synchrony from the asynchronous: compensation for cochlear traveling wave delays by the dendrites of individual brainstem neurons.
Academic Article Hair cell overexpression of Islet1 reduces age-related and noise-induced hearing loss.
Academic Article Age-related cochlear synaptopathy: an early-onset contributor to auditory functional decline.
Academic Article Efferent feedback slows cochlear aging.
Academic Article Aging after noise exposure: acceleration of cochlear synaptopathy in "recovered" ears.
Academic Article Chronic Conductive Hearing Loss Leads to Cochlear Degeneration.
Academic Article Olivocochlear efferent control in sound localization and experience-dependent learning.
Academic Article Synaptopathy in the noise-exposed and aging cochlea: Primary neural degeneration in acquired sensorineural hearing loss.
Academic Article Central Gain Restores Auditory Processing following Near-Complete Cochlear Denervation.
Academic Article The middle ear muscle reflex in the diagnosis of cochlear neuropathy.
Academic Article Adenomatous Polyposis Coli Protein Deletion in Efferent Olivocochlear Neurons Perturbs Afferent Synaptic Maturation and Reduces the Dynamic Range of Hearing.
Academic Article Auditory Brainstem Response Latency in Noise as a Marker of Cochlear Synaptopathy.
Academic Article Perinatal thiamine deficiency causes cochlear innervation abnormalities in mice.
Academic Article Treatment of autosomal dominant hearing loss by in vivo delivery of genome editing agents.
Academic Article Effects of cochlear synaptopathy on middle-ear muscle reflexes in unanesthetized mice.
Academic Article Blast-induced cochlear synaptopathy in chinchillas.
Academic Article A simple algorithm for objective threshold determination of auditory brainstem responses.
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