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overview Tyler J. VanderWeele, Ph.D., is the John L. Loeb and Frances Lehman Loeb Professor of Epidemiology in the Departments of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Director of the Human Flourishing Program and Co-Director of the Initiative on Health, Religion and Spirituality at Harvard University. He holds degrees from the University of Oxford, University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard University in mathematics, philosophy, theology, finance, and biostatistics. His methodological research is focused on theory and methods for distinguishing between association and causation in the biomedical and social sciences, and, more recently, on measurement theory and the importance of incorporating ideas from causal inference and from analytic philosophy into measure development and evaluation. His empirical research spans psychiatric and social epidemiology; the science of happiness and flourishing; and the study of religion and health, including both religion and population health and the role of religion and spirituality in end-of-life care. He is the recipient of the 2017 Presidents’ Award from the Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies (COPSS). He has published over three hundred papers in peer-reviewed journals, and is author of the books Explanation in Causal Inference (2015) and Measuring Well-Being (2020), both published by Oxford University Press. Methodology My methodologic research concerns how we distinguish between association and causation in the biomedical and social sciences and the study of the mechanisms by which causal effects arise. The current focus of my work includes the analysis of pathways, assessments of interaction, and the evaluation of spillover effects in which one person's exposure will affect the outcomes of another. My research employs counterfactual theory and ideas from causal inference to clarify and formalize concepts used by epidemiologists, biomedical researchers and social scientists. This methodology in causal inference is relevant for comparative effectiveness research, evaluating and improving policy recommendations, and explaining mechanisms. Empirical Research My empirical work has been in the areas of perinatal, psychiatric and genetic epidemiology; various fields within the social sciences; and the study of religion and health. In perinatal epidemiology, I have worked on evaluating prenatal care indices, on the analysis of trends in birth outcomes, and on assessing the role of preterm birth in mediating the effects of prenatal exposures on mortality outcomes. In genetic epidemiology, I have been studying gene-environment interaction and the pathways by which genetic variants operate. In psychiatric epidemiology, I have been studying the feedback and inter-relationships between depression, loneliness and subjective well-being. My work in the social sciences has included the study of educational interventions, micro-finance programs, social network effects, and judicial decisions. My work in religion and health is oriented towards assessing the mechanisms by which religion and spirituality affect health outcomes.
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Academic Article Odds ratios for mediation analysis for a dichotomous outcome.
Academic Article A complete graphical criterion for the adjustment formula in mediation analysis.
Academic Article A simple method for principal strata effects when the outcome has been truncated due to death.
Academic Article Bias formulas for sensitivity analysis of unmeasured confounding for general outcomes, treatments, and confounders.
Academic Article Inference for causal interactions for continuous exposures under dichotomization.
Academic Article Mediation analysis with multiple versions of the mediator.
Academic Article A marginal structural model analysis for loneliness: implications for intervention trials and clinical practice.
Academic Article Causal mediation analysis with survival data.
Academic Article A new criterion for confounder selection.
Academic Article Sensitivity analysis: distributional assumptions and confounding assumptions.
Academic Article Why is spiritual care infrequent at the end of life? Spiritual care perceptions among patients, nurses, and physicians and the role of training.
Academic Article Power and instrument strength requirements for Mendelian randomization studies using multiple genetic variants.
Academic Article Bias formulas for sensitivity analysis for direct and indirect effects.
Academic Article The role of measurement error and misclassification in mediation analysis: mediation and measurement error.
Concept Numerical Analysis, Computer-Assisted
Concept Regression Analysis
Concept Survival Analysis
Concept Analysis of Variance
Concept Meta-Analysis as Topic
Concept Cost-Benefit Analysis
Concept Mendelian Randomization Analysis
Concept Multivariate Analysis
Concept Social Support
Academic Article Principal interactions analysis for repeated measures data: application to gene-gene and gene-environment interactions.
Academic Article Sensitivity analysis for interactions under unmeasured confounding.
Academic Article Unmeasured confounding and hazard scales: sensitivity analysis for total, direct, and indirect effects.
Academic Article Mediation analysis allowing for exposure-mediator interactions and causal interpretation: theoretical assumptions and implementation with SAS and SPSS macros.
Academic Article Invited commentary: structural equation models and epidemiologic analysis.
Academic Article Inference for influence over multiple degrees of separation on a social network.
Academic Article The effect of non-differential measurement error on bias, precision and power in Mendelian randomization studies.
Academic Article On the reciprocal association between loneliness and subjective well-being.
Academic Article An assessment of health behavior peer effects in Peking University dormitories: a randomized cluster-assignment design for interference.
Academic Article Mendelian randomization in health research: using appropriate genetic variants and avoiding biased estimates.
Academic Article Methodological challenges in mendelian randomization.
Academic Article On the causal interpretation of race in regressions adjusting for confounding and mediating variables.
Academic Article Attributing effects to interactions.
Academic Article Mediation analysis when a continuous mediator is measured with error and the outcome follows a generalized linear model.
Academic Article Causal mediation analysis in the presence of a mismeasured outcome.
Academic Article Levels of satisfaction and factors influencing satisfaction for medical premarital examinations in Hubei, Middle China.
Academic Article SAS macro for causal mediation analysis with survival data.
Academic Article Teaching health care providers to provide spiritual care: a pilot study.
Academic Article Birth weight and later life adherence to unhealthy lifestyles in predicting type 2 diabetes: prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Is the Risk Difference Really a More Heterogeneous Measure?
Academic Article Causal mediation analysis for longitudinal data with exogenous exposure.
Academic Article Mediation Analysis With Matched Case-Control Study Designs.
Academic Article Association of Religious Service Attendance With Mortality Among Women.
Academic Article Late-life Cognitive Activity and Dementia: A Systematic Review and Bias Analysis.
Academic Article Sensitivity Analysis Without Assumptions.
Academic Article Mediation Analysis: A Practitioner's Guide.
Academic Article The Authors Respond.
Academic Article Brief Report: Mediation Analysis with an Ordinal Outcome.
Grant Identification and Inference for Longitudinal Causal Mediation Analysis in HIV
Grant Theory and methods for sufficient cause interactions
Grant Bounds for direct and indirect effects with application to perinatal epidemiology
Academic Article Sensitivity analysis for direct and indirect effects in the presence of exposure-induced mediator-outcome confounders.
Academic Article Mediation Analysis with Multiple Mediators.
Academic Article Sensitivity analysis for contagion effects in social networks.
Academic Article Why and When "Flawed" Social Network Analyses Still Yield Valid Tests of no Contagion.
Academic Article Parametric Mediational g-Formula Approach to Mediation Analysis with Time-varying Exposures, Mediators, and Confounders.
Academic Article Mammographic density and breast cancer risk: a mediation analysis.
Academic Article Interference and Sensitivity Analysis.
Academic Article A Multinomial Regression Approach to Model Outcome Heterogeneity.
Academic Article Sensitivity Analysis in Observational Research: Introducing the E-Value.
Academic Article Quantile causal mediation analysis allowing longitudinal data.
Academic Article Mediation analysis with time varying exposures and mediators.
Academic Article Mediation analysis for a survival outcome with time-varying exposures, mediators, and confounders.
Academic Article Religion and health in Europe: cultures, countries, context.
Academic Article Analysis of Longitudinal Studies With Repeated Outcome Measures: Adjusting for Time-Dependent Confounding Using Conventional Methods.
Academic Article Evaluating Public Health Interventions: 7. Let the Subject Matter Choose the Effect Measure: Ratio, Difference, or Something Else Entirely.
Academic Article Causal Model of the Association of Social Support With Antepartum Depression: A Marginal Structural Modeling Approach.
Academic Article Decomposition Analysis to Identify Intervention Targets for Reducing Disparities.
Academic Article Associations of Religious Upbringing With Subsequent Health and Well-Being From Adolescence to Young Adulthood: An Outcome-Wide Analysis.
Academic Article Mediators of the Association Between Religious Service Attendance and Mortality.
Academic Article Religious service attendance, divorce, and remarriage among U.S. nurses in mid and late life.
Academic Article New metrics for meta-analyses of heterogeneous effects.
Academic Article Sense of Mission and Subsequent Health and Well-Being Among Young Adults: An Outcome-Wide Analysis.
Academic Article Supported employment: Meta-analysis and review of randomized controlled trials of individual placement and support.
Academic Article Intersectional decomposition analysis with differential exposure, effects, and construct.
Academic Article Religious service attendance, health behaviors and well-being-an outcome-wide longitudinal analysis.
Academic Article Simple Sensitivity Analysis for Differential Measurement Error.
Academic Article Finding Common Ground in Meta-Analysis "Wars" on Violent Video Games.
Academic Article Mediational E-values: Approximate Sensitivity Analysis for Unmeasured Mediator-Outcome Confounding.
Academic Article Religiously or Spiritually-Motivated Forgiveness and Subsequent Health and Well-Being among Young Adults: An Outcome-Wide Analysis.
Academic Article A Simple, Interpretable Conversion from Pearson's Correlation to Cohen's for d Continuous Exposures.
Academic Article E-Values for Mendelian Randomization.
Academic Article Robust Metrics and Sensitivity Analyses for Meta-analyses of Heterogeneous Effects.
Academic Article Empirical comparison of approaches for odds ratios to risk ratio transformations in meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials with common outcomes.
Academic Article Accurate Statistics on COVID-19 Are Essential for Policy Guidance and Decisions.
Academic Article Simple Sensitivity Analysis for Control Selection Bias.
Academic Article Invited Commentary: Frontiers of Power Assessment in Mediation Analysis.
Academic Article Controversy and debate on credibility ceilings. Paper 1: Fundamental problems with the "credibility ceiling" method for meta-analyses.
Academic Article Sensitivity Analysis for Unmeasured Confounding in Meta-Analyses.
Academic Article Antecedents of Purpose in Life: Evidence from A Lagged Exposure-Wide Analysis.
Academic Article Estimating publication bias in meta-analyses of peer-reviewed studies: A meta-meta-analysis across disciplines and journal tiers.
Academic Article Sensitivity analysis for publication bias in meta-analyses.
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