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Academic Article Environmental tobacco smoke exposure in motor vehicles: a preliminary study.
Academic Article Environmental tobacco smoke in hospitality venues in Greece.
Academic Article Smoke-free hospitals in Greece: Personnel perceptions, compliance and smoking habit.
Academic Article Predictors of childhood exposure to parental secondhand smoke in the house and family car.
Academic Article Biomarker evaluation of Greek adolescents' exposure to secondhand smoke.
Academic Article Biological evidence for the acute health effects of secondhand smoke exposure.
Academic Article Does adherence to the Mediterranean diet have a protective effect against active and passive smoking?
Academic Article The impact of the Cyprus comprehensive smoking ban on air quality and economic business of hospitality venues.
Academic Article Smoking policy and prevalence in Greece: an overview.
Academic Article Smoking habits of Greek preschool children's parents.
Academic Article Five-year trends of second-hand smoke exposure in Greece: a comparison between complete, partial, and prelegislation levels.
Academic Article Time interval from cigarette smoke exposure to blood donation and markers of inflammation: should a smoking cut-off be designated?
Academic Article Development, design, and conceptual issues of project zero exposure: A program to protect young children from tobacco smoke exposure.
Academic Article The causal relationship between passive smoking and inflammation on the development of cardiovascular disease: a review of the evidence.
Academic Article Passive smoking alters circulating naïve/memory lymphocyte T-cell subpopulations in children.
Academic Article The relationship between venue indoor air quality and urinary cotinine levels among semiopen-air café employees: what factors determine the level of exposure?
Academic Article The association between active/passive smoking and toxic metals among pregnant women in Greece.
Academic Article Biomarkers of passive smoking among Greek preschool children.
Academic Article Factors associated with active smoking, quitting, and secondhand smoke exposure among pregnant women in Greece.
Academic Article The role of the non-smoker in enforcing smoke-free laws.
Academic Article Hair nicotine/cotinine concentrations as a method of monitoring exposure to tobacco smoke among infants and adults.
Academic Article Second hand smoke exposure and excess heart disease and lung cancer mortality among hospital staff in Crete, Greece: a case study.
Academic Article The role of second-hand smoking on the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes mellitus in elderly men and women living in Mediterranean islands: the MEDIS study.
Academic Article Exposure to different sources of second-hand smoke during pregnancy and its effect on urinary cotinine and tobacco-specific nitrosamine (NNAL) concentrations.
Concept Tobacco Smoke Pollution
Academic Article Acute pulmonary effects of sidestream secondhand smoke at simulated car concentrations.
Academic Article Ashtrays and signage as determinants of a smoke-free legislation's success.
Academic Article Prevalence and determinants of SHS exposure in public and private areas after the 2010 smoke-free legislation in Greece.
Academic Article 5-Year trends in the intention to quit smoking amidst the economic crisis and after recently implemented tobacco control measures in Greece.
Academic Article Disparities and trends in indoor exposure to secondhand smoke among U.S. adolescents: 2000-2009.
Academic Article Adverse circulatory effects of passive smoking during infancy: surprisingly strong, manifest early, easily avoided.
Academic Article The relationship between cotinine concentrations and inflammatory markers among highly secondhand smoke exposed non-smoking adolescents.
Academic Article Secondhand smoke exposure within semi-open air cafes and tobacco specific 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanol (NNAL) concentrations among nonsmoking employees.
Academic Article Support for smoke-free cars when children are present: a secondary analysis of 164,819 U.S. adults in 2010/2011.
Academic Article Relationship of secondhand smoke exposure with sociodemographic factors and smoke-free legislation in the European Union.
Academic Article A systematic review of secondhand smoke exposure in a car: Attributable changes in atmospheric and biological markers.
Academic Article The independent role of prenatal and postnatal exposure to active and passive smoking on the development of early wheeze in children.
Academic Article E-cigarette use and support for banning e-cigarette use in public places in the European Union.
Academic Article The association between occupational secondhand smoke exposure and life satisfaction among adults in the European Union.
Academic Article Attitudes towards electronic cigarettes regulation in indoor workplaces and selected public and private places: a population-based cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Prenatal Second-Hand Smoke Exposure Measured with Urine Cotinine May Reduce Gross Motor Development at 18 Months of Age.
Academic Article Correlates of the support for smoke-free policies among smokers: A cross-sectional study in six European countries of the EUREST-PLUS ITC EUROPE SURVEYS.
Academic Article Passive exposure of non-smokers to E-Cigarette aerosols: Sensory irritation, timing and association with volatile organic compounds.
Academic Article Who Smokes in Europe? Data From 12 European Countries in the TackSHS Survey (2017-2018).
Academic Article Measuring for change: A multi-centre pre-post trial of an air quality feedback intervention to promote smoke-free homes.
Academic Article The Secondhand Smoke Exposure Scale (SHSES): A hair nicotine validated tool for assessing exposure to secondhand smoke among elderly adults in primary care.
Academic Article Do smokers want to protect non-smokers from the harms of second-hand smoke in cars? Findings from the EUREST-PLUS ITC Europe Surveys.
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