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Academic Article The relationship between human semen parameters and environmental exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls and p,p'-DDE.
Academic Article Thyroid hormones in relation to urinary metabolites of non-persistent insecticides in men of reproductive age.
Academic Article Utility of urinary 1-naphthol and 2-naphthol levels to assess environmental carbaryl and naphthalene exposure in an epidemiology study.
Academic Article Temporal variability of urinary levels of nonpersistent insecticides in adult men.
Academic Article The relationship of urinary metabolites of carbaryl/naphthalene and chlorpyrifos with human semen quality.
Academic Article Human semen quality and sperm DNA damage in relation to urinary metabolites of pyrethroid insecticides.
Academic Article Pyrethroid insecticide metabolites are associated with serum hormone levels in adult men.
Academic Article Longitudinal assessment of PCBs and chlorinated pesticides in pregnant women from Western Canada.
Academic Article The relationship between levels of PCBs and pesticides in human hair and blood: preliminary result.
Academic Article Urinary levels of insecticide metabolites and DNA damage in human sperm.
Academic Article Exposure to nonpersistent insecticides and male reproductive hormones.
Academic Article Circulating estradiol in men is inversely related to urinary metabolites of nonpersistent insecticides.
Academic Article Environmental organochlorines and semen quality: results of a pilot study.
Concept Insecticides
Academic Article Urinary Concentrations of Insecticide and Herbicide Metabolites among Pregnant Women in Rural Ghana: A Pilot Study.
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  • Insecticides
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