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Academic Article Kalman-based autoregressive moving average modeling and inference for formant and antiformant tracking.
Academic Article Commentary on why laryngeal stroboscopy really works: clarifying misconceptions surrounding Talbot's law and the persistence of vision.
Academic Article Voice assessment: updates on perceptual, acoustic, aerodynamic, and endoscopic imaging methods.
Academic Article Observation and analysis of in vivo vocal fold tissue instabilities produced by nonlinear source-filter coupling: a case study.
Academic Article High-speed videoendoscopic analysis of relationships between cepstral-based acoustic measures and voice production mechanisms in patients undergoing phonomicrosurgery.
Academic Article Investigating acoustic correlates of human vocal fold vibratory phase asymmetry through modeling and laryngeal high-speed videoendoscopy.
Academic Article Automated measurement of vocal fold vibratory asymmetry from high-speed videoendoscopy recordings.
Concept American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Concept Speech Production Measurement
Concept Speech Acoustics
Concept Speech
Concept Speech-Language Pathology
Concept Audiometry, Speech
Concept Speech Intelligibility
Academic Article Evidence-based clinical voice assessment: a systematic review.
Academic Article Statistical properties of linear prediction analysis underlying the challenge of formant bandwidth estimation.
Academic Article The Effect of Voice Ambulatory Biofeedback on the Daily Performance and Retention of a Modified Vocal Motor Behavior in Participants With Normal Voices.
Academic Article Voice Relative Fundamental Frequency Via Neck-Skin Acceleration in Individuals With Voice Disorders.
Academic Article Laryngeal High-Speed Videoendoscopy: Rationale and Recommendation for Accurate and Consistent Terminology.
Academic Article Comparison of Videostroboscopy to Stroboscopy Derived From High-Speed Videoendoscopy for Evaluating Patients With Vocal Fold Mass Lesions.
Academic Article Subglottal Impedance-Based Inverse Filtering of Voiced Sounds Using Neck Surface Acceleration.
Academic Article Relationships between vocal function measures derived from an acoustic microphone and a subglottal neck-surface accelerometer.
Academic Article Accuracy of Self-Reported Estimates of Daily Voice Use in Adults With Normal and Disordered Voices.
Academic Article Estimating Subglottal Pressure From Neck-Surface Acceleration During Normal Voice Production.
Academic Article Integration of Motor Learning Principles Into Real-Time Ambulatory Voice Biofeedback and Example Implementation Via a Clinical Case Study With Vocal Fold Nodules.
Academic Article Ambulatory Voice Biofeedback: Relative Frequency and Summary Feedback Effects on Performance and Retention of Reduced Vocal Intensity in the Daily Lives of Participants With Normal Voices.
Academic Article Relative Fundamental Frequency Distinguishes Between Phonotraumatic and Non-Phonotraumatic Vocal Hyperfunction.
Academic Article Glottal Aerodynamic Measures in Women With Phonotraumatic and Nonphonotraumatic Vocal Hyperfunction.
Academic Article Validation of an Algorithm for Semi-automated Estimation of Voice Relative Fundamental Frequency.
Academic Article Self-Ratings of Vocal Status in Daily Life: Reliability and Validity for Patients With Vocal Hyperfunction and a Normative Group.
Academic Article Acoustic speech analysis of patients with decompensated heart failure: A pilot study.
Academic Article Magnitude of Neck-Surface Vibration as an Estimate of Subglottal Pressure During Modulations of Vocal Effort and Intensity in Healthy Speakers.
Academic Article Examination of Clear Speech in Parkinson Disease Using Measures of Working Vowel Space.
Academic Article Effects of Concurrent Manual Task Performance on Connected Speech Acoustics in Individuals With Parkinson Disease.
Academic Article Automatic speech and singing classification in ambulatory recordings for normal and disordered voices.
Academic Article Impact of Nonmodal Phonation on Estimates of Subglottal Pressure From Neck-Surface Acceleration in Healthy Speakers.
Academic Article Differences in Weeklong Ambulatory Vocal Behavior Between Female Patients With Phonotraumatic Lesions and Matched Controls.
Grant Non-invasive estimation of subglottal pressure during natural speech to improve clinical voice assessment
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