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Academic Article Meal-induced jejunal absorption requires intact neural pathways.
Academic Article Small bowel varices from neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas.
Academic Article Studies on the mucosal hyperaemia of the feline small intestine observed at endoluminal perfusion with substance P.
Academic Article Glucagon-like peptide 2 is an endogenous mediator of postresection intestinal adaptation.
Academic Article Small-bowel origin of the signal for meal-induced jejunal absorption.
Academic Article Early regional expression and secretion of peptide YY and enteroglucagon after massive resection of small bowel.
Academic Article Differential role of vagus nerve in maintaining diurnal gene expression rhythms in the proximal small intestine.
Academic Article The effects of vagal nerve stimulation on endoluminal release of serotonin and substance P into the feline small intestine.
Academic Article Vagal release of serotonin into gut lumen and portal circulation via separate control mechanisms.
Academic Article Nonoperative management of patients with a diagnosis of high-grade small bowel obstruction by computed tomography.
Academic Article Pancreatic peptide YY mRNA levels increase during adaptation after small intestinal resection.
Academic Article Intraluminal release of serotonin during the interdigestive migrating complex in the canine small intestine.
Academic Article Peptide YY is a physiological regulator of water and electrolyte absorption in the canine small bowel in vivo.
Academic Article Ileus and the macrophage.
Academic Article Intraluminal release of serotonin, substance P, and gastrin in the canine small intestine.
Academic Article Postreceptor mechanisms of small-bowel water and electrolyte transport.
Academic Article Surgical treatment of small bowel cancer: a 20-year single institution experience.
Academic Article Peptide YY augments postprandial small intestinal absorption in the conscious dog.
Academic Article Effect of xenopsin on blood flow, hormone release, and acid secretion.
Concept Intestine, Small
Academic Article How Many Midnights?: Admission Status for Elders With Small Bowel Obstruction.
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