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Academic Article Maternal interpersonal trauma and cord blood IgE levels in an inner-city cohort: a life-course perspective.
Academic Article Associations of maternal lifetime trauma and perinatal traumatic stress symptoms with infant cardiorespiratory reactivity to psychological challenge.
Academic Article Polymorphisms in FKBP5 are associated with peritraumatic dissociation in medically injured children.
Academic Article The Child Stress Disorders Checklist-Short Form: a four-item scale of traumatic stress symptoms in children.
Academic Article Separation anxiety as a mediator between acute morphine administration and PTSD symptoms in injured children.
Academic Article A diagnostic interview for acute stress disorder for children and adolescents.
Academic Article Acute stress symptoms in parents of children with burns or injuries
Academic Article Respiratory sinus arrhythmia as an index of vagal activity during stress in infants: respiratory influences and their control.
Academic Article Incidence of and risk factors for acute stress disorder in children with injuries.
Academic Article Neurobiology of stress in infancy
Academic Article Maternal posttraumatic stress symptoms and infant emotional reactivity and emotion regulation.
Academic Article Children's exposure to violence and distress symptoms: influence of caretakers' psychological functioning.
Academic Article Prevalence of and risk factors for Acute Stress Disorder in children with injuries
Concept Stress, Psychological
Concept Stress Disorders, Traumatic, Acute
Concept Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic
Concept Stress, Physiological
Concept Oxidative Stress
Academic Article Mother-infant attachment and the intergenerational transmission of posttraumatic stress disorder.
Academic Article Sociodemographic risk, developmental competence, and PTSD symptoms in young children exposed to interpersonal trauma in early life.
Academic Article Maternal sensitivity and infant autonomic and endocrine stress responses.
Academic Article Racial/ethnic and sociodemographic factors associated with micronutrient intakes and inadequacies among pregnant women in an urban US population.
Academic Article Childhood abuse is associated with increased hair cortisol levels among urban pregnant women.
Academic Article Lifetime exposure to traumatic and other stressful life events and hair cortisol in a multi-racial/ethnic sample of pregnant women.
Grant Perinatal Programming of Infant Stress Reactivity and the Atopic Phenotype
Grant Reactivity and Regulation in the Intergenerational Transmission of PTSD
Grant Neurophysiological and Metabolic Risk Markers of Childhood Anxiety
Grant Early life stress, telomere attrition, and child prefrontal cortex functioning
Grant Neurobiology of Mothering and Infant Stress
Academic Article Effects of Prenatal Social Stress and Maternal Dietary Fatty Acid Ratio on Infant Temperament: Does Race Matter?
Academic Article Cumulative Stress and Cortisol Disruption among Black and Hispanic Pregnant Women in an Urban Cohort.
Academic Article Maternal stress and perinatal programming in the expression of atopy.
Academic Article Maternal Lifetime Stress and Prenatal Psychological Functioning and Decreased Placental Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number in the PRISM Study.
Academic Article Associations among prenatal stress, maternal antioxidant intakes in pregnancy, and child temperament at age 30 months.
Academic Article Cumulative lifetime maternal stress and epigenome-wide placental DNA methylation in the PRISM cohort.
Academic Article Associations among maternal socioeconomic status in childhood and pregnancy and hair cortisol in pregnancy.
Academic Article Maternal cortisol output in pregnancy and newborn telomere length: Evidence for sex-specific effects.
Academic Article The association between adversity and hair cortisol levels in humans: A meta-analysis.
Academic Article Sex-specific associations between prenatal negative life events and birth outcomes.
Academic Article Differential Effects of Stress Exposures, Caregiving Quality, and Temperament in Early Life on Working Memory versus Inhibitory Control in Preschool-Aged Children.
Academic Article Child Maltreatment, Autonomic Nervous System Responsivity, and Psychopathology: Current State of the Literature and Future Directions.
Academic Article Data-driven discovery of mid-pregnancy immune markers associated with maternal lifetime stress: results from an urban pre-birth cohort.
Academic Article Cardiac sympathetic activation and parasympathetic withdrawal during psychosocial stress exposure in 6-month-old infants.
Academic Article Disentangling Associations Among Maternal Lifetime and Prenatal Stress, Psychological Functioning During Pregnancy, Maternal Race/Ethnicity, and Infant Negative Affectivity at Age 6 Months: A Mixtures Approach.
Academic Article Maternal experiences of childhood maltreatment moderate patterns of mother-infant cortisol regulation under stress.
Academic Article Targeting the stress response in pediatric pain: current evidence for psychosocial intervention and avenues for future investigation.
Grant 5/24 Healthy Brain and Child Development National Consortium
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