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Mentoring - Completed Student Project Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Blood Pressure and Vascular Cellular Adhesion Molecules
Academic Article [Clozapine, cytokines, fever and sleep].
Academic Article Let her sleep...but how much?
Academic Article The cumulative cost of additional wakefulness: dose-response effects on neurobehavioral functions and sleep physiology from chronic sleep restriction and total sleep deprivation.
Academic Article Effects of clozapine on sleep: a longitudinal study.
Academic Article Sleep loss reduces diurnal rhythm amplitude of leptin in healthy men.
Academic Article Effects of sex and adiposity on IL-6 response to total sleep deprivation
Academic Article REM sleep disinhibition at sleep onset: a comparison between narcolepsy and depression.
Academic Article Impaired circadian waking arousal in narcolepsy-cataplexy.
Academic Article Age-dependent suppression of nocturnal growth hormone levels during sleep deprivation.
Academic Article Dose-dependent effects of endotoxin on human sleep.
Academic Article Effects of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor on night sleep in humans.
Academic Article Effect of sleep loss on C-reactive protein, an inflammatory marker of cardiovascular risk.
Academic Article Diurnal and sleep-wake dependent variations of soluble TNF- and IL-2 receptors in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Chronic sleep restriction reduces optimism/sociability in a dose dependent manner
Academic Article Pain Sensitivity and Modulation in Patients Suffering from Primary Insomnia
Academic Article Cellular adhesion molecules decrease at night during sleep
Academic Article Scheduled naps in the management of daytime sleepiness in narcolepsy-cataplexy.
Academic Article Sleep during clozapine-induced fever in a schizophrenic patient.
Academic Article Influence of endotoxin on daytime sleep in humans.
Academic Article Sustained sleep restriction reduces emotional and physical well-being.
Academic Article Panel discussion: current status of measuring sleepiness.
Academic Article Pain sensitivity and modulation in primary insomnia.
Academic Article Soluble TNF-alpha receptor 1 and IL-6 plasma levels in humans subjected to the sleep deprivation model of spaceflight.
Academic Article Sleep, inflammation and cardiovascular disease.
Academic Article Ultrashort sleep schedules: Sleep Architecture and recuperative value of 80-, 50-, and 20-min naps
Academic Article Does a chronobiologic defect exist in narcolepsy?
Academic Article Daytime sleep inertia in narcolepsy-cataplexy.
Academic Article Experimental immunomodulation, sleep, and sleepiness in humans.
Academic Article Caffeine eliminates psychomotor vigilance deficits from sleep inertia.
Academic Article The contribution of sleep to improvements in working memory scanning speed: a study of prolonged sleep restriction.
Academic Article Mediators of inflammation and their interaction with sleep: Relevance for chronic fatigue and related conditions
Academic Article Polysomnography: Principles and Applications in Sleep and Arousal Disorders
Academic Article Mechanisms of Sleep-Loss Pain Interactions
Academic Article Clinical Implications of Sleep Loss-Pain Interactions
Academic Article Cellular adhesion molecules (ICAM and VCAM), E- and P-selectins show diurnal rhythms with nadirs during sleep
Academic Article Influence of host defense activation on sleep in humans.
Academic Article [Experimental studies on the interaction between sleep and the immune system in humans].
Academic Article Circasemidian sleep propensity and the phase-amplitude maintenance model of human sleep/wake regulation.
Academic Article Chronobiological aspects of narcolepsy.
Academic Article Diastolic blood pressure (DBP) and mean arterial blood pressure (MAP) are significantly higher in sleep restricted individuals
Academic Article In vivo and in vitro immune variables in patients with narcolepsy and HLA-DR2 matched controls.
Academic Article Endotoxin-induced changes in sleep and sleepiness during the day.
Academic Article Sleep loss and inflammation.
Academic Article Activation of the prostaglandin system in response to sleep loss in healthy humans: potential mediator of increased spontaneous pain.
Academic Article Elevated inflammatory markers in response to prolonged sleep restriction are associated with increased pain experience in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Reply to the Letter to the Editor: Does non-dipping blood pressure profile contribute to vascular inflammation during sleep deprivation?
Academic Article Mediators of inflammation and their interaction with sleep: relevance for chronic fatigue syndrome and related conditions.
Academic Article Spontaneous Pain is Elevated in Insomnia and Correlated with Negative Mood and Sleep Duration
Academic Article Cardiovascular, inflammatory, and metabolic consequences of sleep deprivation.
Academic Article Immune Function During Sleep and Sleep Deprivation
Academic Article Dream self-reflectiveness as a learned cognitive skill.
Academic Article Ultrashort sleep strategies during sustained operations: The recuperative value of multiple 80-, 50- and 20-min naps
Academic Article The Symptomatic Treatment of Narcolepsy
Academic Article Endocrine Function During Sleep and Sleep Deprivation
Academic Article Activation of the prostaglandin system in response to sleep loss in healthy humans: Potential mediator of increased spontaneous pain
Academic Article Sleepiness and daytime sleep in narcolepsy-cataplexy: chronobiological, napping and performance aspects [Ph.D. Thesis]
Academic Article Let her sleep…but how much? A commentary on Miller et al. Gender differences in the cross-sectional relationships between sleep duration and markers of inflammation: Whitehall II study.
Concept Sleep Phase Chronotherapy
Concept Sleep Medicine Specialty
Concept Sleep Stages
Concept Sleep Deprivation
Concept Sleep
Concept Sleep Arousal Disorders
Concept Sleep, REM
Concept Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders
Academic Article Organization and structure for sleep medicine programs at academic institutions: Part 1--current challenges.
Academic Article Organization and structure for sleep medicine programs at academic institutions: Part 2--goals and strategies to optimize patient care, education, and discovery.
Academic Article Increasing sleep duration to lower beat-to-beat blood pressure: a pilot study.
Academic Article Strategic opportunities in sleep and circadian research: report of the Joint Task Force of the Sleep Research Society and American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
Academic Article Development of the National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project Sleep Health Surveillance Questions.
Academic Article In Pursuit of Sleep-Circadian Biomarkers.
Academic Article Developing Biomarker Arrays Predicting Sleep and Circadian-Coupled Risks to Health.
Grant Repeated challenge of insufficient sleep: Effects on endothelial function
Grant Aging &the inflammatory, metabolic and autonomic response to sleep loss
Grant Adiposity, BP &the inflammatory response to sleep loss
Grant Mechanisms underlying the blood pressure lowering effect of sleep extension.
Academic Article Repeating patterns of sleep restriction and recovery: Do we get used to it?
Academic Article High School Start Times and the Impact on High School Students: What We Know, and What We Hope to Learn.
Academic Article Repetitive exposure to shortened sleep leads to blunted sleep-associated blood pressure dipping.
Academic Article Transparency and Partnership.
Academic Article Sleep Duration and Hypertension: Analysis of > 700,000 Adults by Age and Sex.
Academic Article Heart rate variability rebound following exposure to persistent and repetitive sleep restriction.
Academic Article Please forgive our appearance while under biomarker construction.
Academic Article Workplace Interventions to Promote Sleep Health and an Alert, Healthy Workforce.
Academic Article Sleep Duration and Blood Pressure: Recent Advances and Future Directions.
Academic Article Sleep deficiency and chronic pain: potential underlying mechanisms and clinical implications.
Academic Article The role of insomnia in the association between posttraumatic stress disorder and hypertension.
Academic Article Macro- and microvascular reactivity during repetitive exposure to shortened sleep: sex differences.
Academic Article Causes and Consequences of Chronic Sleep Deficiency and the Role of Orexin.
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