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Academic Article Breathing pattern affects respiratory heat loss but not bronchoconstrictor response in asthma.
Academic Article Gas mixing during high-frequency ventilation: an improved model.
Academic Article Intra-airway gas mixing during high-frequency ventilation.
Academic Article High-frequency ventilation.
Academic Article Influence of the endotracheal tube on CO2 transport during high-frequency ventilation.
Academic Article Photographic measurement of pleural surface motion during lung oscillation.
Academic Article Distribution of pulmonary resistance: effects of gas density, viscosity, and flow rate.
Academic Article High-frequency ventilation: a promising new approach to mechanical ventilation.
Academic Article Expiratory flow limitation and dynamic pulmonary hyperinflation during high-frequency ventilation.
Academic Article Tachykinins mediate bronchoconstriction elicited by isocapnic hyperpnea in guinea pigs.
Academic Article Effects of frequency, tidal volume, and lung volume on CO2 elimination in dogs by high frequency (2-30 Hz), low tidal volume ventilation.
Academic Article Lung inflation during high-frequency ventilation.
Academic Article Effect of bias flow rate on gas transport during high-frequency oscillatory ventilation.
Academic Article Ventilation with small tidal volumes.
Academic Article High frequency oscillatory ventilation using tidal volumes smaller than the anatomical dead space.
Academic Article Tidal volume and frequency dependence of carbon dioxide elimination by high-frequency ventilation.
Academic Article Effect of tidal volume and anesthetic agent on airway responsiveness to histamine.
Academic Article Nonuniformity of canine lung washout by high-frequency ventilation.
Academic Article CO2 elimination by high-frequency oscillation: effects of vagosympathetic stimulation.
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