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overview The Saper Laboratory studies the brain circuitry that subserves basic functions such as regulation of wake-sleep, body temperature, response to stress, and feeding and metabolism. We are interested in homeostatic as well as circadian control circuitry, as well as interactions with cognitive systems. We use a wide range of system neuroscience methods, from electrophysiological and optical recording, to tracing synaptic connections, and we employ genetically targeted methods that allow us selectively to activate or inactivate circuitry via opto- and chemogenetics, and to measure physiological and behavioral responses.
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Academic Article Fos expression in orexin neurons varies with behavioral state.
Academic Article Selective activation of the extended ventrolateral preoptic nucleus during rapid eye movement sleep.
Academic Article Homeostatic, circadian, and emotional regulation of sleep.
Academic Article Adenosine inhibits basal forebrain cholinergic and noncholinergic neurons in vitro.
Academic Article A brainstem network mediating apneic reflexes in the rat.
Academic Article Narcolepsy in orexin knockout mice: molecular genetics of sleep regulation.
Academic Article The sleep switch: hypothalamic control of sleep and wakefulness.
Academic Article An adenosine A2a agonist increases sleep and induces Fos in ventrolateral preoptic neurons.
Academic Article REM sleep behavior disorder: a possible early marker for synucleinopathies.
Academic Article Effects of adenosine on gabaergic synaptic inputs to identified ventrolateral preoptic neurons.
Academic Article Identification of wake-active dopaminergic neurons in the ventral periaqueductal gray matter.
Academic Article The sedative component of anesthesia is mediated by GABA(A) receptors in an endogenous sleep pathway.
Academic Article Staying awake for dinner: hypothalamic integration of sleep, feeding, and circadian rhythms.
Academic Article Orexins: looking forward to sleep, back at addiction.
Academic Article Pathophysiology of REM sleep behaviour disorder and relevance to neurodegenerative disease.
Academic Article The pontine REM switch: past and present.
Academic Article Critical role of dorsomedial hypothalamic nucleus in a wide range of behavioral circadian rhythms.
Academic Article REM sleep behavior disorder: a dopaminergic deficiency disorder?
Academic Article Effects of sleep on wake-induced c-fos expression.
Academic Article Role of endogenous sleep-wake and analgesic systems in anesthesia.
Academic Article Activation of ventrolateral preoptic neurons by the somnogen prostaglandin D2.
Academic Article Modafinil: a drug in search of a mechanism.
Academic Article Effects of lesions of the histaminergic tuberomammillary nucleus on spontaneous sleep in rats.
Academic Article A putative flip-flop switch for control of REM sleep.
Academic Article Metabolic effects of chronic sleep restriction in rats.
Academic Article Locus ceruleus and anterior cingulate cortex sustain wakefulness in a novel environment.
Academic Article Reassessment of the structural basis of the ascending arousal system.
Academic Article Sleep, circadian rhythms, and dementia.
Academic Article Afferents to the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus.
Academic Article Increased fragmentation of rest-activity patterns is associated with a characteristic pattern of cognitive impairment in older individuals.
Academic Article Differential expression of orexin receptors 1 and 2 in the rat brain.
Academic Article Ventrolateral preoptic nucleus contains sleep-active, galaninergic neurons in multiple mammalian species.
Academic Article The alpha2-adrenoceptor agonist dexmedetomidine converges on an endogenous sleep-promoting pathway to exert its sedative effects.
Academic Article Neurobiology of the sleep-wake cycle: sleep architecture, circadian regulation, and regulatory feedback.
Academic Article Hypothalamic regulation of sleep and circadian rhythms.
Academic Article Quantification of the fragmentation of rest-activity patterns in elderly individuals using a state transition analysis.
Academic Article Effect of lesions of the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus on NREM and REM sleep.
Academic Article Contrasting effects of ibotenate lesions of the paraventricular nucleus and subparaventricular zone on sleep-wake cycle and temperature regulation.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent memory consolidation.
Academic Article Activation of ventrolateral preoptic neurons during sleep.
Academic Article The agony of the ecstasy: serotonin and obstructive sleep apnea.
Academic Article The ventrolateral preoptic nucleus is not required for isoflurane general anesthesia.
Academic Article Neural circuitry of stress-induced insomnia in rats.
Academic Article Long-term synaptic plasticity is impaired in rats with lesions of the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus.
Academic Article The neurobiology of sleep.
Academic Article Retinal input to the sleep-active ventrolateral preoptic nucleus in the rat.
Academic Article Sleep state switching.
Concept Sleep Stages
Concept Sleep Apnea Syndromes
Concept Sleep Apnea, Obstructive
Concept Sleep Deprivation
Concept Sleep
Concept Sleep Paralysis
Concept Sleep, REM
Concept REM Sleep Behavior Disorder
Concept Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders
Academic Article Glutamatergic signaling from the parabrachial nucleus plays a critical role in hypercapnic arousal.
Academic Article Perspectives on the rapid eye movement sleep switch in rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder.
Academic Article Rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder: devising controlled active treatment studies for symptomatic and neuroprotective therapy--a consensus statement from the International Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder Study Group.
Academic Article New perspectives on circadian rhythms and sleep.
Academic Article Emerging therapeutics in sleep.
Academic Article Carbachol excites sublaterodorsal nucleus neurons projecting to the spinal cord.
Academic Article Armodafinil-induced wakefulness in animals with ventrolateral preoptic lesions.
Academic Article The GABAergic parafacial zone is a medullary slow wave sleep-promoting center.
Academic Article Sleep is related to neuron numbers in the ventrolateral preoptic/intermediate nucleus in older adults with and without Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Corrigendum: The GABAergic parafacial zone is a medullary slow wave sleep-promoting center.
Academic Article The hypothalamus.
Academic Article What optogenetic stimulation is telling us (and failing to tell us) about fast neurotransmitters and neuromodulators in brain circuits for wake-sleep regulation.
Academic Article The roles of prostaglandin E2 and D2 in lipopolysaccharide-mediated changes in sleep.
Academic Article Biology of sleep and circadian rhythms in the neurology resident.
Academic Article Melanin-concentrating hormone neurons specifically promote rapid eye movement sleep in mice.
Grant Sleep, Aging and Circadian Rhythm Disorders
Grant Harvard Center on Sleep Neurobiology and Sleep Apnea (SCOR)
Grant Hypothalamic arousal systems
Grant Mechanisms of Arousal in Sleep Apnea
Grant Circuitry for circadian rhythms
Academic Article Wake-sleep circuitry: an overview.
Academic Article A Genetically Defined Circuit for Arousal from Sleep during Hypercapnia.
Academic Article Supramammillary glutamate neurons are a key node of the arousal system.
Academic Article Connectivity of sleep- and wake-promoting regions of the human hypothalamus observed during resting wakefulness.
Academic Article Galanin neurons in the ventrolateral preoptic area promote sleep and heat loss in mice.
Mentoring - Current Student Opportunity Brain circuitry for regulation of sleep and wakefulness
Academic Article Focus on the pedunculopontine nucleus. Consensus review from the May 2018 brainstem society meeting in Washington, DC, USA.
Academic Article Regulation of hippocampal dendritic spines following sleep deprivation.
Academic Article Reassessing the Role of Histaminergic Tuberomammillary Neurons in Arousal Control.
Academic Article Critical Dynamics and Coupling in Bursts of Cortical Rhythms Indicate Non-Homeostatic Mechanism for Sleep-Stage Transitions and Dual Role of VLPO Neurons in Both Sleep and Wake.
Award or Honor Receipt Distinguished Scientist Award
Grant Mechanisms of sleep and sleep apnea
Academic Article The intermediate nucleus in humans: Cytoarchitecture, chemoarchitecture, and relation to sleep, sex, and Alzheimer disease.
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