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Academic Article Distinct mechanical stimuli differentially regulate the PI3K/Akt survival pathway in endothelial cells.
Academic Article KLF2 Is a novel transcriptional regulator of endothelial proinflammatory activation.
Academic Article Dynamic activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase by Hsp90.
Academic Article Flow-Dependent Regulation of Kruppel-Like Factor 2 Is Mediated by MicroRNA-92a.
Academic Article Vascular endothelium, hemodynamics, and the pathobiology of atherosclerosis.
Academic Article A new in vitro model to evaluate differential responses of endothelial cells to simulated arterial shear stress waveforms.
Academic Article Biomechanical forces promote embryonic haematopoiesis.
Academic Article Biomechanical forces in atherosclerosis-resistant vascular regions regulate endothelial redox balance via phosphoinositol 3-kinase/Akt-dependent activation of Nrf2.
Academic Article Biomechanical modulation of endothelial phenotype: implications for health and disease.
Academic Article Endothelial dysfunction, hemodynamic forces, and atherogenesis.
Academic Article Hemodynamic shear stress characteristic of atherosclerosis-resistant regions promotes glycocalyx formation in cultured endothelial cells.
Concept Stress, Mechanical
Academic Article Flow activation of AMP-activated protein kinase in vascular endothelium leads to Krüppel-like factor 2 expression.
Academic Article The transcription factor KLF2 mediates hepatic endothelial protection and paracrine endothelial-stellate cell deactivation induced by statins.
Academic Article A spatio-temporal model for spontaneous thrombus formation in cerebral aneurysms.
Academic Article Directed stem cell differentiation by fluid mechanical forces.
Academic Article A Mechano-Activated Cell Reporter System as a Proxy for Flow-Dependent Endothelial Atheroprotection.
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