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Academic Article Integrative analysis of the zinc finger transcription factor Lame duck in the Drosophila myogenic gene regulatory network.
Academic Article Diversity and complexity in DNA recognition by transcription factors.
Academic Article A multiparameter network reveals extensive divergence between C. elegans bHLH transcription factors.
Academic Article DNA binding site analysis of Burkholderia thailandensis response regulators.
Academic Article Discovering DNA regulatory elements with bacteria.
Academic Article Curated collection of yeast transcription factor DNA binding specificity data reveals novel structural and gene regulatory insights.
Academic Article Toward a systems-level understanding of developmental regulatory networks.
Academic Article Precise temporal control of the eye regulatory gene Pax6 via enhancer-binding site affinity.
Academic Article Specific DNA-binding by apicomplexan AP2 transcription factors.
Concept Gene Regulatory Networks
Concept Genes, Regulator
Academic Article Modular evolution of DNA-binding preference of a Tbrain transcription factor provides a mechanism for modifying gene regulatory networks.
Academic Article The NF-?B genomic landscape in lymphoblastoid B cells.
Grant Physical and Functional Interactions of Cis Regulatory Modules
Grant High-Resolution Analysis of Transcription Factors' DNA Binding Specificities
Grant Drosophila Transcription Factor Interactome
Academic Article Identification of Human Lineage-Specific Transcriptional Coregulators Enabled by a Glossary of Binding Modules and Tunable Genomic Backgrounds.
Academic Article Diversification of transcription factor-DNA interactions and the evolution of gene regulatory networks.
Academic Article Ancient mechanisms for the evolution of the bicoid homeodomain's function in fly development.
Grant Rewiring of regulatory networks in breast cancer by transcription factor isoforms
Grant AVATAR: highly parallel analysis of variation in transcription factors and their DNA binding sites
Academic Article Workshop during the Pacific Symposium of Biocomputing, Jan 3-7, 2019: Reading between the genes: interpreting non-coding DNA in high-throughput.
Grant Transcription factor mutationsunderlying birth defects or pediatric cancers
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