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preferred title Professor of Medical Anthropology in the Department of Social Medicine
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Academic Article Introduction to the transformation of social experience in Chinese society: anthropological, psychiatric and social medicine perspectives.
Academic Article Rethinking depression: an ethnographic study of the experiences of depression among Chinese.
Academic Article Ethno-psychometric evaluation of the General Health Questionnaire in rural China.
Academic Article Anthropology and psychiatry. The role of culture in cross-cultural research on illness.
Academic Article Major conceptual and research issues for cultural (anthropological) psychiatry.
Academic Article 'Face' and the embodiment of stigma in China: the cases of schizophrenia and AIDS.
Academic Article On illness meanings and clinical interpretation: not 'rational man', but a rational approach to man the sufferer/man the healer.
Academic Article The cultural meanings and social uses of illness. A role for medical anthropology and clinically oriented social science in the development of primary care theory and research.
Academic Article Anthropology in the clinic: the problem of cultural competency and how to fix it.
Academic Article Stigma: a social, cultural and moral process.
Academic Article Clinical relevance of anthropological and cross-cultural research: concepts and strategies.
Academic Article Explaining the efficacy of indigenous therapies: the need for interdisciplinary research.
Academic Article Concepts and a model for the comparison of medical systems as cultural systems.
Academic Article "Sociosomatics": the contributions of anthropology to psychosomatic medicine.
Academic Article Understanding the impact of illness on the individual and the family.
Academic Article Moral experience and ethical reflection: can ethnography reconcile them? A quandary for "the new bioethics.
Academic Article Why psychiatry and cultural anthropology still need each other.
Academic Article Three faces of culture-bound syndromes: their implications for cross-cultural research.
Academic Article Why do indigenous practitioners successfully heal?
Academic Article Values and moral experience in global health: bridging the local and the global.
Academic Article Culture, illness, and care: clinical lessons from anthropologic and cross-cultural research.
Academic Article Depression, somatization and the "new cross-cultural psychiatry".
Concept Anthropology
Concept Anthropology, Cultural
Academic Article Borderlands: professional life lived precariously but happily in anthropology and medicine.
Academic Article Social suffering and the culture of compassion in a morally divided China.
Grant Training Program in Culture and Mental Health Services
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  • Anthropology
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