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Academic Article A subcomplex of the proteasome regulatory particle required for ubiquitin-conjugate degradation and related to the COP9-signalosome and eIF3.
Academic Article Proteasome subunit Rpn1 binds ubiquitin-like protein domains.
Academic Article ATPase and ubiquitin-binding proteins of the yeast proteasome.
Academic Article The ubiquitin-proteasome system of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Academic Article Blm10 protein promotes proteasomal substrate turnover by an active gating mechanism.
Academic Article Proteasome subunit Rpn13 is a novel ubiquitin receptor.
Academic Article A proteomics approach to understanding protein ubiquitination.
Academic Article Deubiquitinating enzyme Ubp6 functions noncatalytically to delay proteasomal degradation.
Academic Article The HEAT repeat protein Blm10 regulates the yeast proteasome by capping the core particle.
Academic Article Role of a ubiquitin-like modification in polarized morphogenesis.
Academic Article Hexameric assembly of the proteasomal ATPases is templated through their C termini.
Academic Article Functional analysis of the proteasome regulatory particle.
Academic Article A ubiquitin mutant with specific defects in DNA repair and multiubiquitination.
Academic Article Ubiquitin chains are remodeled at the proteasome by opposing ubiquitin ligase and deubiquitinating activities.
Academic Article Monoubiquitination of RPN10 regulates substrate recruitment to the proteasome.
Academic Article The regulatory particle of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae proteasome.
Academic Article Protein dislocation from the ER requires polyubiquitination and the AAA-ATPase Cdc48.
Academic Article Multiple associated proteins regulate proteasome structure and function.
Academic Article Rpn6p, a proteasome subunit from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is essential for the assembly and activity of the 26 S proteasome.
Academic Article Rad23 and Rpn10 serve as alternative ubiquitin receptors for the proteasome.
Academic Article Docking of the proteasomal ATPases' carboxyl termini in the 20S proteasome's alpha ring opens the gate for substrate entry.
Academic Article Characterization of the proteasome using native gel electrophoresis.
Academic Article Structural defects in the regulatory particle-core particle interface of the proteasome induce a novel proteasome stress response.
Academic Article Quantitative proteomics reveals the function of unconventional ubiquitin chains in proteasomal degradation.
Academic Article A ubiquitin stress response induces altered proteasome composition.
Academic Article Chaperone-mediated pathway of proteasome regulatory particle assembly.
Academic Article p34Cdc28-mediated control of Cln3 cyclin degradation.
Academic Article Misfolded proteins driven to destruction by Hul5.
Academic Article An asymmetric interface between the regulatory and core particles of the proteasome.
Academic Article Delivery of ubiquitinated substrates to protein-unfolding machines.
Academic Article A proteasome for all occasions.
Academic Article Identification of the gal4 suppressor Sug1 as a subunit of the yeast 26S proteasome.
Academic Article Spg5 protein regulates the proteasome in quiescence.
Academic Article The molecular chaperone Ydj1 is required for the p34CDC28-dependent phosphorylation of the cyclin Cln3 that signals its degradation.
Academic Article Cell cycle-regulated modification of the ribosome by a variant multiubiquitin chain.
Academic Article Ubiquitin depletion as a key mediator of toxicity by translational inhibitors.
Concept Saccharomyces cerevisiae Proteins
Academic Article Reconfiguration of the proteasome during chaperone-mediated assembly.
Academic Article Cuz1/Ynl155w, a zinc-dependent ubiquitin-binding protein, protects cells from metalloid-induced proteotoxicity.
Academic Article Conformational dynamics of the Rpt6 ATPase in proteasome assembly and Rpn14 binding.
Academic Article Proteasomes associated with the Blm10 activator protein antagonize mitochondrial fission through degradation of the fission protein Dnm1.
Academic Article K63 polyubiquitination is a new modulator of the oxidative stress response.
Academic Article Multiplexed, Proteome-Wide Protein Expression Profiling: Yeast Deubiquitylating Enzyme Knockout Strains.
Academic Article Rpn1 provides adjacent receptor sites for substrate binding and deubiquitination by the proteasome.
Academic Article Structure of an endogenous yeast 26S proteasome reveals two major conformational states.
Academic Article Nucleotide-dependent switch in proteasome assembly mediated by the Nas6 chaperone.
Academic Article The Proteasome and Its Network: Engineering for Adaptability.
Academic Article Thiol-based direct threat sensing by the stress-activated protein kinase Hog1.
Academic Article The proteasome 19S cap and its ubiquitin receptors provide a versatile recognition platform for substrates.
Academic Article Structures of chaperone-associated assembly intermediates reveal coordinated mechanisms of proteasome biogenesis.
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