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Academic Article Expert witness travel dilemmas: a pilot study of billing practices.
Academic Article Ethical aspects of competence for sexual relationships: a case of adult sibling incest.
Academic Article Straining the limits of clinical, legal, and ethical standards: the mentally ill HIV-seropositive patient.
Academic Article Expert witness billing practices revisited: a pilot study of further data.
Academic Article Aftermath of the Rogers decision: assessing the costs.
Academic Article Sanctity, secrecy, and silence: dilemmas in clinical confidentiality.
Academic Article Drugging a defendant: arm-chair ethics?
Academic Article Psychiatric expert witnesses in the new millennium.
Academic Article Attorneys' requests for complete tax records from opposing expert witnesses: some approaches to the problem.
Academic Article "The whole truth" versus "the admissible truth": an ethics dilemma for expert witnesses.
Academic Article The judge, the adversary posture, the rhetoric of generalization.
Academic Article A date with death: management of time-based and contingent suicidal intent.
Academic Article On wearing two hats: role conflict in serving as both psychotherapist and expert witness.
Academic Article Prohibiting lawyer-client sex.
Academic Article Contrasting ethical policies of physicians and psychologists concerning interrogation of detainees.
Academic Article An expert who listened to a telephonic deposition without announcing his presence.
Academic Article Ethical issues in sexual misconduct by clinicians.
Academic Article Substituted judgement and the physician's ethical dilemma: with special reference to the problem of the psychiatric patient.
Academic Article Response to the article "Determining resuscitation status: a survey of medical professionals," by Perry et al.
Concept Ethics, Medical
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