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Academic Article The role of anterior stabilization with instrumentation in the treatment of thoracolumbar burst fractures.
Academic Article Nonsurgical treatment of thoracolumbar spinal fractures.
Academic Article Type II odontoid fractures of the cervical spine: do treatment type and medical comorbidities affect mortality in elderly patients?
Academic Article The thoracolumbar injury severity score: a proposed treatment algorithm.
Academic Article Assessment of two thoracolumbar fracture classification systems as used by multiple surgeons.
Academic Article Radiology case of the month. Unfortunate Chance. Chance fracture at L3.
Academic Article The evolution of thoracolumbar injury classification systems.
Academic Article Current role of lateral cervical spine radiograph: a case report.
Academic Article Mortality in elderly patients with hyperostotic disease of the cervical spine after fracture: an age- and sex-matched study.
Academic Article Diagnosis and management of sacral spine fractures.
Academic Article Mortality in elderly patients after cervical spine fractures.
Academic Article Case report: nonoperative treatment of an unstable Jefferson fracture using a cervical collar.
Academic Article Clinical outcomes of 90 isolated unilateral facet fractures, subluxations, and dislocations treated surgically and nonoperatively.
Academic Article Iliac crest reconstruction after tricortical graft harvesting.
Academic Article Surgical treatment of thoracolumbar fractures.
Academic Article Management of an unstable lumbar fracture with a laminar split.
Academic Article Wedge osteotomy for the correction of post-traumatic kyphosis. A new technique and a report of three cases.
Academic Article Sacral fractures.
Academic Article Are plain radiographs of the spine necessary during evaluation after blunt trauma? Accuracy of screening torso computed tomography in thoracic/lumbar spine fracture diagnosis.
Academic Article Diagnosis and management of thoracolumbar spine fractures.
Academic Article Are "normal" multidetector computed tomographic scans sufficient to allow collar removal in the trauma patient?
Academic Article Computed tomography alone versus computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in the identification of occult injuries to the cervical spine: a meta-analysis.
Concept Spinal Fractures
Academic Article Epidemiology of cervical spine fractures in the US military.
Academic Article Commentary: Thoracolumbar spine fractures: is more knowledge better?
Academic Article Vertebral artery injury associated with blunt cervical spine trauma: a multivariate regression analysis.
Academic Article Operative compared with nonoperative treatment of a thoracolumbar burst fracture without neurological deficit: a prospective randomized study with follow-up at sixteen to twenty-two years.
Academic Article Predicting In-Hospital Mortality in Elderly Patients With Cervical Spine Fractures: A Comparison of the Charlson and Elixhauser Comorbidity Measures.
Academic Article Changes in the care of patients with cervical spine fractures following health reform in Massachusetts.
Academic Article Mortality and Readmission After Cervical Fracture from a Fall in Older Adults: Comparison with Hip Fracture Using National Medicare Data.
Academic Article The influence of race and hospital environment on the care of patients with cervical spine fractures.
Academic Article Assessing the utility of the spinal instability neoplastic score (SINS) to predict fracture after conventional radiation therapy (RT) for spinal metastases.
Academic Article CT for thoracic and lumbar spine fractures: Can CT findings accurately predict posterior ligament complex injury?
Academic Article Is focused magnetic resonance imaging adequate for treatment decision making in acute traumatic thoracic and lumbar spine fractures seen on whole spine computed tomography?
Academic Article The Clinical Implications of Adding CT Angiography in the Evaluation of Cervical Spine Fractures: A Propensity-Matched Analysis.
Academic Article Injuries to the Rigid Spine: What the Spine Surgeon Wants to Know.
Academic Article Changes in healthcare delivery following spinal fracture in Medicare Accountable Care Organizations.
Academic Article Predicting survival in older patients treated for cervical spine fractures: development of a clinical survival score.
Academic Article Do Medicare Accountable Care Organizations Reduce Disparities After Spinal Fracture?
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