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Academic Article Relationship between melatonin rhythms and visual loss in the blind.
Academic Article Lux vs. wavelength in light treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Academic Article High sensitivity of the human circadian melatonin rhythm to resetting by short wavelength light.
Academic Article Efficacy of melatonin treatment in jet lag, shift work, and blindness.
Academic Article Timed melatonin treatment for delayed sleep phase syndrome: the importance of knowing circadian phase.
Academic Article Visual impairment and circadian rhythm disorders.
Academic Article Extraocular light exposure does not suppress plasma melatonin in humans.
Academic Article Melatonin in circadian sleep disorders in the blind.
Academic Article Implementing a 48 h EWTD-compliant rota for junior doctors in the UK does not compromise patients' safety: assessor-blind pilot comparison.
Academic Article Effects of light on human circadian rhythms.
Academic Article Validation of a light questionnaire with real-life photopic illuminance measurements: the Harvard Light Exposure Assessment questionnaire.
Academic Article Learning to live on a Mars day: fatigue countermeasures during the Phoenix Mars Lander mission.
Academic Article Human phase response curve to a 1 h pulse of bright white light.
Academic Article Melatonin administration can entrain the free-running circadian system of blind subjects.
Academic Article Short-wavelength sensitivity for the direct effects of light on alertness, vigilance, and the waking electroencephalogram in humans.
Academic Article Safety considerations for the use of blue-light blocking glasses in shift-workers.
Academic Article Meeting report: the role of environmental lighting and circadian disruption in cancer and other diseases.
Academic Article Analysis method and experimental conditions affect computed circadian phase from melatonin data.
Academic Article Human responses to bright light of different durations.
Academic Article Comparison between subjective and actigraphic measurement of sleep and sleep rhythms.
Academic Article Integration of human sleep-wake regulation and circadian rhythmicity.
Academic Article Sleep and activity rhythms are related to circadian phase in the blind.
Academic Article Correlation between urinary cortisol and 6-sulphatoxymelatonin rhythms in field studies of blind subjects.
Academic Article The 3111 Clock gene polymorphism is not associated with sleep and circadian rhythmicity in phenotypically characterized human subjects.
Academic Article Neurobehavioral, health, and safety consequences associated with shift work in safety-sensitive professions.
Academic Article Short-wavelength light sensitivity of circadian, pupillary, and visual awareness in humans lacking an outer retina.
Academic Article The effects of low-dose 0.5-mg melatonin on the free-running circadian rhythms of blind subjects.
Academic Article Use of transdermal melatonin delivery to improve sleep maintenance during daytime.
Academic Article Acute effects of bright light exposure on cortisol levels.
Academic Article Circadian disruption, sleep loss, and prostate cancer risk: a systematic review of epidemiologic studies.
Academic Article Chronobiology of epilepsy: diagnostic and therapeutic implications of chrono-epileptology.
Academic Article Human phase response curve to a single 6.5 h pulse of short-wavelength light.
Academic Article Day-time naps and melatonin in blind people.
Academic Article Alertness, mood and performance rhythm disturbances associated with circadian sleep disorders in the blind.
Academic Article Plasma melatonin rhythms in young and older humans during sleep, sleep deprivation, and wake.
Academic Article Relationship between napping and melatonin in the blind.
Academic Article Use of melatonin in the treatment of phase shift and sleep disorders.
Academic Article Circadian photoreception: spotlight on the brain.
Academic Article Effect of light perception on menarche in blind women.
Concept Circadian Rhythm Signaling Peptides and Proteins
Concept Circadian Rhythm
Concept Sleep Disorders, Circadian Rhythm
Academic Article Improved neurobehavioral performance during the wake maintenance zone.
Academic Article Adverse health effects of nighttime lighting: comments on American Medical Association policy statement.
Academic Article Shiftwork and prostate-specific antigen in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.
Academic Article Temporal dynamics of ocular indicators of sleepiness across sleep restriction.
Academic Article Measuring and using light in the melanopsin age.
Academic Article Diurnal spectral sensitivity of the acute alerting effects of light.
Academic Article Breast cancer and circadian disruption from electric lighting in the modern world.
Academic Article Circadian clock genes and risk of fatal prostate cancer.
Academic Article Endogenous circadian regulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines in the presence of bacterial lipopolysaccharide in humans.
Academic Article Inter-Individual Differences in Neurobehavioural Impairment following Sleep Restriction Are Associated with Circadian Rhythm Phase.
Academic Article Caffeine does not entrain the circadian clock but improves daytime alertness in blind patients with non-24-hour rhythms.
Academic Article Common sleep disorders increase risk of motor vehicle crashes and adverse health outcomes in firefighters.
Academic Article Ocular Measures of Sleepiness Are Increased in Night Shift Workers Undergoing a Simulated Night Shift Near the Peak Time of the 6-Sulfatoxymelatonin Rhythm.
Academic Article Tasimelteon for non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder in totally blind people (SET and RESET): two multicentre, randomised, double-masked, placebo-controlled phase 3 trials.
Academic Article Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Rhythm Disorder in Sighted and Blind Patients.
Academic Article Impact of Common Diabetes Risk Variant in MTNR1B on Sleep, Circadian, and Melatonin Physiology.
Academic Article Associations between number of consecutive night shifts and impairment of neurobehavioral performance during a subsequent simulated night shift.
Academic Article Circadian gene variants influence sleep and the sleep electroencephalogram in humans.
Academic Article A Pre-Screening Questionnaire to Predict Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Rhythm Disorder (N24HSWD) among the Blind.
Grant Treatment of Circadian Sleep Disorders with Bright Light
Grant Desensitization of Circadian Responses to Light
Grant Effects of the circadian clock and light on the production of estrogens
Grant Photic and Nonphotic Input to the Human Circadian System
Academic Article Daytime Exposure to Short- and Medium-Wavelength Light Did Not Improve Alertness and Neurobehavioral Performance.
Academic Article Pineal Gland Volume Assessed by MRI and Its Correlation with 6-Sulfatoxymelatonin Levels among Older Men.
Academic Article Sleep Propensity under Forced Desynchrony in a Model of Arousal State Dynamics.
Academic Article Circadian Rhythm Disorders and Melatonin Production in 127 Blind Women with and without Light Perception.
Academic Article Prevalence of Circadian Misalignment and Its Association With Depressive Symptoms in Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder.
Academic Article Circadian phase resetting by a single short-duration light exposure.
Academic Article The effects of spectral tuning of evening ambient light on melatonin suppression, alertness and sleep.
Academic Article Irregular sleep/wake patterns are associated with poorer academic performance and delayed circadian and sleep/wake timing.
Academic Article Randomised controlled trial of the efficacy of a blue-enriched light intervention to improve alertness and performance in night shift workers.
Academic Article Circadian Phase and Phase Angle Disorders in Primary Insomnia.
Academic Article Sleep patterns predictive of daytime challenging behavior in individuals with low-functioning autism.
Academic Article Relationship between melatonin and bone resorption rhythms in premenopausal women.
Academic Article A unified model of melatonin, 6-sulfatoxymelatonin, and sleep dynamics.
Academic Article Prediction of Cognitive Performance and Subjective Sleepiness Using a Model of Arousal Dynamics.
Academic Article Temporal dynamics of circadian phase shifting response to consecutive night shifts in healthcare workers: role of light-dark exposure.
Academic Article Functional decoupling of melatonin suppression and circadian phase resetting in humans.
Academic Article Suppression of Melatonin Secretion in Totally Visually Blind People by Ocular Exposure to White Light: Clinical Characteristics.
Academic Article The wake maintenance zone shows task dependent changes in cognitive function following one night without sleep.
Academic Article Increased sensitivity of the circadian system to light in delayed sleep-wake phase disorder.
Academic Article Randomized trial of polychromatic blue-enriched light for circadian phase shifting, melatonin suppression, and alerting responses.
Academic Article Light modulates oscillatory alpha activity in the occipital cortex of totally visually blind individuals with intact non-image-forming photoreception.
Academic Article Sleepiness and driving events in shift workers: the impact of circadian and homeostatic factors.
Academic Article Circadian and wake-dependent changes in human plasma polar metabolites during prolonged wakefulness: A preliminary analysis.
Academic Article The Impact of Shift Work on Sleep, Alertness and Performance in Healthcare Workers.
Academic Article Chronotype Genetic Variant in PER2 is Associated with Intrinsic Circadian Period in Humans.
Academic Article High sensitivity and interindividual variability in the response of the human circadian system to evening light.
Academic Article Shift Work, Chronotype, and Melatonin Rhythm in Nurses.
Academic Article Sleep regularity is associated with sleep-wake and circadian timing, and mediates daytime function in Delayed Sleep-Wake Phase Disorder.
Academic Article Generalizability of A Neural Network Model for Circadian Phase Prediction in Real-World Conditions.
Academic Article Application of a Limit-Cycle Oscillator Model for Prediction of Circadian Phase in Rotating Night Shift Workers.
Academic Article Endogenous Circadian Regulation of Female Reproductive Hormones.
Academic Article The role of sleep hygiene in the risk of Shift Work Disorder in nurses.
Academic Article Using a Single Daytime Performance Test to Identify Most Individuals at High-Risk for Performance Impairment during Extended Wake.
Academic Article Associations between shift work characteristics, shift work schedules, sleep and burnout in North American police officers: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Light Me up? Why, When, and How Much Light We Need.
Academic Article Characterizing the temporal Dynamics of Melatonin and Cortisol Changes in Response to Nocturnal Light Exposure.
Academic Article Modeling melanopsin-mediated effects of light on circadian phase, melatonin suppression, and subjective sleepiness.
Academic Article The impact of structured sleep schedules prior to an in-laboratory study: Individual differences in sleep and circadian timing.
Academic Article Time-of-day and Meal Size Effects on Clinical Lipid Markers.
Academic Article The impact of the wake maintenance zone on attentional capacity, physiological drowsiness, and subjective task demands during sleep deprivation.
Academic Article Light-based methods for predicting circadian phase in delayed sleep-wake phase disorder.
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