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Academic Article Microvascular free flaps in skull base reconstruction.
Academic Article Vacuum-assisted closure in revision free flap reconstruction.
Academic Article Free flap reconstruction in 1999 and 2009: changing case characteristics and outcomes.
Academic Article Primary TEP placement in patients with laryngopharyngeal free tissue reconstruction and salivary bypass tube placement.
Concept Free Tissue Flaps
Academic Article The time course and microbiology of surgical site infections after head and neck free flap surgery.
Academic Article Transfusion in head and neck free flap patients: practice patterns and a comparative analysis by flap type.
Academic Article Reconstruction of Lateral Skull Base Defects with Radial Forearm Free Flaps: The Double-Layer Technique.
Academic Article Locoregional and free flap reconstruction of the lateral skull base.
Academic Article Reconstruction of the Lateral Mandibular Defect: A Review and Treatment Algorithm.
Academic Article Comparison of Perioperative Outcomes between the Supraclavicular Artery Island Flap and Fasciocutaneous Free Flap.
Academic Article Head and neck free flap surgical site infections in the era of the Surgical Care Improvement Project.
Academic Article Locoregional control of tongue base adenoid cystic carcinoma with primary resection and radial forearm free flap reconstruction.
Academic Article Risk factors for thirty-day readmission following flap reconstruction of oncologic defects of the head and neck.
Academic Article Tip-on-Tip Scapular (TOTS) Flap for Reconstruction of Combined Palatectomy and Rhinectomy Defects.
Academic Article Postoperative care in an intermediate-level medical unit after head and neck microvascular free flap reconstruction.
Academic Article Predictive factors for prolonged operative time in head and neck patients undergoing free flap reconstruction.
Academic Article Predicting length of stay in head and neck patients who undergo free flap reconstruction.
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  • Free Tissue Flaps
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