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Academic Article The Rochester Epidemiology Project: exploiting the capabilities for population-based research in rheumatic diseases.
Academic Article Discerning tumor status from unstructured MRI reports--completeness of information in existing reports and utility of automated natural language processing.
Academic Article A system for coreference resolution for the clinical narrative.
Academic Article The emerging role of electronic medical records in pharmacogenomics.
Academic Article Building and evaluating annotated corpora for medical NLP systems.
Academic Article Mayo clinic NLP system for patient smoking status identification.
Academic Article Automatically extracting cancer disease characteristics from pathology reports into a Disease Knowledge Representation Model.
Academic Article Extracting information from textual documents in the electronic health record: a review of recent research.
Academic Article The SHARPn project on secondary use of Electronic Medical Record data: progress, plans, and possibilities.
Academic Article The first step toward data reuse: disambiguating concept representation of the locally developed ICU nursing flowsheets.
Academic Article Leveraging informatics for genetic studies: use of the electronic medical record to enable a genome-wide association study of peripheral arterial disease.
Academic Article Automated discovery of drug treatment patterns for endocrine therapy of breast cancer within an electronic medical record.
Concept Medical Records
Concept Medical Records Systems, Computerized
Concept Medical Record Linkage
Academic Article Improving case definition of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis in electronic medical records using natural language processing: a novel informatics approach.
Academic Article Formative evaluation of ontology learning methods for entity discovery by using existing ontologies as reference standards.
Academic Article Automatic prediction of rheumatoid arthritis disease activity from the electronic medical records.
Academic Article Normalization and standardization of electronic health records for high-throughput phenotyping: the SHARPn consortium.
Academic Article Development of phenotype algorithms using electronic medical records and incorporating natural language processing.
Academic Article Automatic identification of methotrexate-induced liver toxicity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis from the electronic medical record.
Academic Article Methods to Develop an Electronic Medical Record Phenotype Algorithm to Compare the Risk of Coronary Artery Disease across 3 Chronic Disease Cohorts.
Grant Annotation, development and evaluation for clinical information extraction
Grant Extended Methods and Software Development for Health NLP
Grant Cancer Deep Phenotype Extraction from Electronic Medical Records
Grant Temporal relation discovery for clinical text
Academic Article Phelan-McDermid syndrome data network: Integrating patient reported outcomes with clinical notes and curated genetic reports.
Grant Natural Language Processing Platform for Cancer Surveillance
Academic Article Use of Natural Language Processing to Extract Clinical Cancer Phenotypes from Electronic Medical Records.
Academic Article High-throughput phenotyping with electronic medical record data using a common semi-supervised approach (PheCAP).
Academic Article Does BERT need domain adaptation for clinical negation detection?
Grant Cancer Deep Phenotype Extraction from Electronic Medical Records
Grant Transfer Learning for Digital Curation of the EMR Clinical Narrative
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