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Academic Article Common patterns of violence experiences and depression and anxiety among adolescents.
Academic Article Racial segregation and disparities in cancer stage for seniors.
Academic Article Toward a policy-relevant analysis of geographic and racial/ethnic disparities in child health.
Academic Article Psychosocial stressors and cigarette smoking among African American adults in midlife.
Academic Article Elucidating the role of place in health care disparities: the example of racial/ethnic residential segregation.
Academic Article Exposing racial discrimination: implicit & explicit measures--the My Body, My Story study of 1005 US-born black & white community health center members.
Academic Article Past horrors, present struggles: the role of stigma in the association between war experiences and psychosocial adjustment among former child soldiers in Sierra Leone.
Academic Article Social determinants: taking the social context of asthma seriously.
Academic Article Subtyping social anxiety disorder in developed and developing countries.
Concept Community Networks
Concept Residence Characteristics
Concept Community Health Centers
Concept Community-Institutional Relations
Concept Community Mental Health Services
Academic Article Evaluation of the UNREST questionnaire for testing the social resistance framework.
Academic Article The mental health of Black Caribbean immigrants: results from the National Survey of American Life.
Academic Article Discrimination and racial disparities in health: evidence and needed research.
Academic Article Community development efforts offer a major opportunity to advance Americans' health.
Academic Article Prevalence and distribution of major depressive disorder in African Americans, Caribbean blacks, and non-Hispanic whites: results from the National Survey of American Life.
Academic Article The geography of recreational open space: influence of neighborhood racial composition and neighborhood poverty.
Academic Article Racial discrimination & cardiovascular disease risk: my body my story study of 1005 US-born black and white community health center participants (US).
Academic Article The role of social capital in African-American women's use of mammography.
Academic Article Childhood adversity, adult neighborhood context, and cumulative biological risk for chronic diseases in adulthood.
Academic Article Proactive tobacco cessation outreach to smokers of low socioeconomic status: a randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article Neighborhood stressors and race/ethnic differences in hypertension prevalence (the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis).
Academic Article Can you party your way to better health? A propensity score analysis of block parties and health.
Academic Article Getting Black Men to Undergo Prostate Cancer Screening: The Role of Social Capital.
Academic Article Local spatial clustering in youths' use of tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana in Boston.
Academic Article Multiple contexts and adolescent body mass index: Schools, neighborhoods, and social networks.
Academic Article Sociocultural methods in the Jackson Heart Study: conceptual and descriptive overview.
Grant Lung Cancer Disparities Center: Jointly Addressing Race &Socioeconomic Status
Academic Article Space, race, and poverty: Spatial inequalities in walkable neighborhood amenities?
Academic Article A spatially explicit approach to the study of socio-demographic inequality in the spatial distribution of trees across Boston neighborhoods.
Academic Article Reducing Racial Inequities in Health: Using What We Already Know to Take Action.
Academic Article Racial residential segregation: a fundamental cause of racial disparities in health.
Grant Integrative Pathways to Health and Illness
Academic Article Discrimination, other psychosocial stressors, and self-reported sleep duration and difficulties.
Academic Article Race, socioeconomic status, and health. The added effects of racism and discrimination.
Academic Article Discrimination and common mental disorder among migrant and ethnic groups: findings from a South East London Community sample.
Academic Article Psychosocial Stress and Overweight and Obesity: Findings From the Chicago Community Adult Health Study.
Academic Article Excess mortality among urban residents: how much, for whom, and why?
Academic Article Racial and spatial relations as fundamental determinants of health in Detroit.
Academic Article Racial/ethnic discrimination and health: findings from community studies.
Academic Article How Early Life Adversities Influence Later Life Family Interactions for Individuals with Schizophrenia in Outpatient Treatment: A Qualitative Analysis.
Academic Article Religion and psychological distress in a community sample.
Academic Article Structure and provision of services in Black churches in New Haven, Connecticut.
Academic Article Health disparities based on socioeconomic inequities: implications for urban health care.
Academic Article Use of mental health services and subjective satisfaction with treatment among Black Caribbean immigrants: results from the National Survey of American Life.
Academic Article Household food insufficiency and mental health in South Africa.
Academic Article Racial/ethnic discrimination and health: findings from community studies.
Academic Article Racial discrimination, racial/ethnic segregation, and health behaviors in the CARDIA study.
Academic Article The integral role of pastoral counseling by African-American clergy in community mental health.
Academic Article The mental health impact of AIDS-related mortality in South Africa: a national study.
Academic Article Men's exposure to human rights violations and relations with perpetration of intimate partner violence in South Africa.
Academic Article Discrimination, symptoms of depression, and self-rated health among african american women in detroit: results from a longitudinal analysis.
Academic Article Understanding social disparities in hypertension prevalence, awareness, treatment, and control: the role of neighborhood context.
Academic Article Healthy homes and communities: putting the pieces together.
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