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Academic Article Neutrophil chemorepulsion in defined interleukin-8 gradients in vitro and in vivo.
Academic Article Directional decisions during neutrophil chemotaxis inside bifurcating channels.
Academic Article Adaptive-control model for neutrophil orientation in the direction of chemical gradients.
Academic Article Resolvin E2 formation and impact in inflammation resolution.
Academic Article Microfluidic system for measuring neutrophil migratory responses to fast switches of chemical gradients.
Academic Article Murine B16 melanomas expressing high levels of the chemokine stromal-derived factor-1/CXCL12 induce tumor-specific T cell chemorepulsion and escape from immune control.
Academic Article Microfluidic chambers for monitoring leukocyte trafficking and humanized nano-proresolving medicines interactions.
Academic Article A portable chemotaxis platform for short and long term analysis.
Academic Article Resolvin D2 restores neutrophil directionality and improves survival after burns.
Academic Article Epithelial cell guidance by self-generated EGF gradients.
Academic Article Microfluidic technologies for temporal perturbations of chemotaxis.
Concept Chemotaxis, Leukocyte
Concept Chemotaxis
Academic Article Microfluidic chemotaxis platform for differentiating the roles of soluble and bound amyloid-ß on microglial accumulation.
Academic Article Biased migration of confined neutrophil-like cells in asymmetric hydraulic environments.
Academic Article Retrotaxis of human neutrophils during mechanical confinement inside microfluidic channels.
Academic Article On-demand, competing gradient arrays for neutrophil chemotaxis.
Academic Article Microfluidic platform for measuring neutrophil chemotaxis from unprocessed whole blood.
Academic Article Measuring neutrophil speed and directionality during chemotaxis, directly from a droplet of whole blood.
Academic Article Microfluidic platform for the quantitative analysis of leukocyte migration signatures.
Academic Article A neutrophil treadmill to decouple spatial and temporal signals during chemotaxis.
Academic Article Whole blood human neutrophil trafficking in a microfluidic model of infection and inflammation.
Academic Article Microfluidic mazes to characterize T-cell exploration patterns following activation in vitro.
Academic Article Directional memory arises from long-lived cytoskeletal asymmetries in polarized chemotactic cells.
Academic Article Microfluidic assay for precise measurements of mouse, rat, and human neutrophil chemotaxis in whole-blood droplets.
Academic Article A Worldwide Competition to Compare the Speed and Chemotactic Accuracy of Neutrophil-Like Cells.
Academic Article Netrin-1 Augments Chemokinesis in CD4+ T Cells In Vitro and Elicits a Proinflammatory Response In Vivo.
Academic Article The Arp2/3 inhibitory protein Arpin is dispensable for chemotaxis.
Academic Article Neutrophil chemotaxis and transcriptomics in term and preterm neonates.
Academic Article Neutrophil Chemotaxis in One Droplet of Blood Using Microfluidic Assays.
Academic Article Impact of toll-like receptor 4 stimulation on human neonatal neutrophil spontaneous migration, transcriptomics, and cytokine production.
Academic Article Progressive mechanical confinement of chemotactic neutrophils induces arrest, oscillations, and retrotaxis.
Academic Article Efficient Front-Rear Coupling in Neutrophil Chemotaxis by Dynamic Myosin II Localization.
Academic Article Chemotaxing neutrophils enter alternate branches at capillary bifurcations.
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