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Academic Article Age-related changes in the cognitive function of sleep.
Academic Article Assessing the dream-lag effect for REM and NREM stage 2 dreams.
Academic Article Processing of emotional reactivity and emotional memory over sleep.
Academic Article Interaction of sleep and emotional content on the production of false memories.
Academic Article Trait and neurobiological correlates of individual differences in dream recall and dream content.
Academic Article Napping promotes inter-session habituation to emotional stimuli.
Concept Memory
Academic Article Interactions of time of day and sleep with between-session habituation and extinction memory in young adult males.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent memory consolidation in healthy aging and mild cognitive impairment.
Academic Article Sleep and REM sleep disturbance in the pathophysiology of PTSD: the role of extinction memory.
Academic Article Effects of sleep on memory for conditioned fear and fear extinction.
Academic Article Analog Flashbacks.
Academic Article Emotional trait and memory associates of sleep timing and quality.
Grant Fear extinction memory in primary insomnia
Grant Augmentation of exposure therapy for high levels of social anxiety using post-exposure naps
Grant Sleep and the Generalization Extinction of Conditioned Fear
Grant Fear extinction and sleep across the spectrum of severity in post-traumatic hyperarousal
Grant Interaction of sleep disturbance and anxiety symptoms in the neural and psychophysiological responses to fear conditioning and extinction in Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Academic Article Physiological feelings.
Academic Article In Trauma-Exposed Individuals, Self-reported Hyperarousal and Sleep Architecture Predict Resting-State Functional Connectivity in Frontocortical and Paralimbic Regions.
Academic Article The role of sleep in fear learning and memory.
Academic Article Fear extinction memory is negatively associated with REM sleep in insomnia disorder.
Grant Autonomic and fronto-cortical correlates of script-driven imagery of trauma-related nightmares compared with such imagery of index trauma in PTSD using ambulatory physiological and fNIRS recordings.
Academic Article Partial and Total Sleep Deprivation Interferes With Neural Correlates of Consolidation of Fear Extinction Memory.
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