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Academic Article Cardiovascular fitness in firefighters.
Academic Article Correlates of fitness for duty in hazardous materials firefighters.
Academic Article Fitness for duty evaluations in hazardous materials firefighters.
Academic Article Cardiorespiratory fitness predicts cardiovascular risk profiles in career firefighters.
Academic Article Exercise-induced hypertension among healthy firefighters-a comparison between two different definitions.
Academic Article Metabolic syndrome is inversely related to cardiorespiratory fitness in male career firefighters.
Academic Article Firefighters' physical activity: relation to fitness and cardiovascular disease risk.
Academic Article Cardiovascular disease in US firefighters: a systematic review.
Academic Article Low fitness is associated with exercise abnormalities among asymptomatic firefighters.
Concept Physical Fitness
Academic Article High hsCRP is associated with reduced lung function in structural firefighters.
Academic Article The prevalence of overweight, obesity, and substandard fitness in a population-based firefighter cohort.
Academic Article Effect of Body Mass Index on Left Ventricular Mass in Career Male Firefighters.
Academic Article Recruit Fitness as a Predictor of Police Academy Graduation.
Academic Article Association Between Push-up Exercise Capacity and Future Cardiovascular Events Among Active Adult Men.
Academic Article Recruit fitness and police academy performance: a prospective validation study.
Academic Article The Effects of Fire Academy Training and Probationary Firefighter Status on Select Basic Health and Fitness Measurements.
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  • Physical Fitness
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