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Academic Article The human genome project and its impact on psychiatry.
Academic Article NIMH during the tenure of Director Steven E. Hyman, M.D. (1996-present): the now and future of NIMH.
Academic Article Advances in understanding and treating mental illness: implications for policy.
Academic Article The millennium of mind, brain, and behavior.
Academic Article Introduction to the complex genetics of mental disorders.
Academic Article Medicine. What are the right targets for psychopharmacology?
Academic Article Mental health in an aging population: the NIMH perspective.
Academic Article Ethics and the practice of brain science.
Academic Article Genes, gene expression, and behavior.
Academic Article Levels of analysis in psychiatric research.
Academic Article Mental illness: genetically complex disorders of neural circuitry and neural communication.
Academic Article The diagnosis of mental disorders: the problem of reification.
Academic Article NIMH symptom challenge and medication discontinuation workshop.
Academic Article The genetics of mental illness: implications for practice.
Academic Article A glimmer of light for neuropsychiatric disorders.
Academic Article Genome-sequencing anniversary. The meaning of the Human Genome Project for neuropsychiatric disorders.
Academic Article Commentary: Repairing a plane while it is flying--reflections on Rutter (2011).
Academic Article Grouping diagnoses of mental disorders by their common risk factors.
Academic Article Recent developments in neurobiology: Part III. Effectors of transmitter action.
Academic Article Grand challenges in global mental health.
Academic Article Animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders.
Academic Article Neuroscience, genetics, and the future of psychiatric diagnosis.
Academic Article Calcium channel blockers in psychiatry.
Academic Article Can neuroscience be integrated into the DSM-V?
Academic Article Exploring the feasibility of a meta-structure for DSM-V and ICD-11: could it improve utility and validity?
Academic Article Initiation and adaptation: a paradigm for understanding psychotropic drug action.
Academic Article G proteins and second messengers in psychiatry.
Academic Article Recent developments in neurobiology: Part II. Neurotransmitter receptors and psychopharmacology.
Academic Article The role of molecular biology in psychiatry.
Academic Article Diagnosing disorders.
Concept Mental Disorders
Concept Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Academic Article DSM-5 and RDoC: progress in psychiatry research?
Academic Article Progress in the genetics of polygenic brain disorders: significant new challenges for neurobiology.
Academic Article Revitalizing psychiatric therapeutics.
Academic Article Genome-scale neurogenetics: methodology and meaning.
Academic Article Enlisting hESCs to Interrogate Genetic Variants Associated with Neuropsychiatric Disorders.
Academic Article A Valuable New Direction in Ethical Analysis of Psychiatric Genetics.
Academic Article Whole genome sequencing in psychiatric disorders: the WGSPD consortium.
Academic Article The daunting polygenicity of mental illness: making a new map.
Academic Article New Evidence for Shared Risk Architecture of Mental Disorders.
Academic Article Predicting Polygenic Risk of Psychiatric Disorders.
Academic Article Redefining phenotypes to advance psychiatric genetics: Implications from hierarchical taxonomy of psychopathology.
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