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Academic Article Sham acupuncture devices--practical advice for researchers.
Academic Article A pilot study of functional magnetic resonance imaging of the brain during manual and electroacupuncture stimulation of acupuncture point (LI-4 Hegu) in normal subjects reveals differential brain activation between methods.
Academic Article The impact of placebo, psychopathology, and expectations on the response to acupuncture needling in patients with chronic low back pain.
Academic Article [Some misunderstandings of deqi phenomenon: from historic review to experimental study].
Concept Acupuncture Therapy
Academic Article Are all placebo effects equal? Placebo pills, sham acupuncture, cue conditioning and their association.
Academic Article Design of a randomised acupuncture trial on functional neck/shoulder stiffness with two placebo controls.
Academic Article Acupuncture modulates cortical thickness and functional connectivity in knee osteoarthritis patients.
Academic Article Manual and electrical needle stimulation in acupuncture research: pitfalls and challenges of heterogeneity.
Academic Article The modulation effect of longitudinal acupuncture on resting state functional connectivity in knee osteoarthritis patients.
Academic Article Repeated verum but not placebo acupuncture normalizes connectivity in brain regions dysregulated in chronic pain.
Academic Article Altered periaqueductal gray resting state functional connectivity in migraine and the modulation effect of treatment.
Academic Article The Modulation Effect of Longitudinal Acupuncture on Resting State Functional Connectivity in Knee Osteoarthritis Patients.
Academic Article Acupuncture treatment modulates the corticostriatal reward circuitry in major depressive disorder.
Academic Article Enhancing treatment of osteoarthritis knee pain by boosting expectancy: A functional neuroimaging study.
Academic Article Multivariate resting-state functional connectivity predicts responses to real and sham acupuncture treatment in chronic low back pain.
Academic Article Reduced tactile acuity in chronic low back pain is linked with structural neuroplasticity in primary somatosensory cortex and is modulated by acupuncture therapy.
Academic Article Imagined and Actual Acupuncture Effects on Chronic Low Back Pain: A Preliminary Study.
Academic Article Characterizing the analgesic effects of real and imagined acupuncture using functional and structure MRI.
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