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Academic Article Anger expression and risk of stroke and coronary heart disease among male health professionals.
Academic Article Childhood social environment, emotional reactivity to stress, and mood and anxiety disorders across the life course.
Academic Article Sick at heart: the pathophysiology of negative emotions.
Academic Article Going to the heart of the matter: do negative emotions cause coronary heart disease?
Academic Article Positive emotion and health: going beyond the negative.
Academic Article Key 2010 publications in behavioral medicine.
Academic Article Emotional vitality and incident coronary heart disease: benefits of healthy psychological functioning.
Academic Article Mother's affection at 8 months predicts emotional distress in adulthood.
Academic Article Quality of parental emotional care and calculated risk for coronary heart disease.
Academic Article The association between childhood emotional functioning and adulthood inflammation is modified by early-life socioeconomic status.
Academic Article Emotional functioning at age 7 years is associated with C-reactive protein in middle adulthood.
Academic Article Childhood emotional functioning and the developmental origins of cardiovascular disease risk.
Academic Article Early manifestations of personality and adult emotional functioning.
Academic Article A prospective study of positive psychological well-being and coronary heart disease.
Concept Expressed Emotion
Concept Emotions
Academic Article Affective science and health: the importance of emotion and emotion regulation.
Academic Article Divergent associations of adaptive and maladaptive emotion regulation strategies with inflammation.
Academic Article The role of oxytocin in social bonding, stress regulation and mental health: an update on the moderating effects of context and interindividual differences.
Academic Article Taking the tension out of hypertension: a prospective study of psychological well being and hypertension.
Academic Article Prospective study of the association between dispositional optimism and incident heart failure.
Academic Article Divergent associations of antecedent- and response-focused emotion regulation strategies with midlife cardiovascular disease risk.
Academic Article The prospective association between positive psychological well-being and diabetes.
Academic Article Positive psychological health and stroke risk: The benefits of emotional vitality.
Academic Article Dysregulated Blood Pressure: Can Regulating Emotions Help?
Academic Article Subjective well-being and cardiometabolic health: An 8-11year study of midlife adults.
Academic Article Parental warmth and flourishing in mid-life.
Academic Article Positive emotions and favorable cardiovascular health: A 20-year longitudinal study.
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