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Academic Article Limb venous compliance in patients with idiopathic orthostatic intolerance and postural tachycardia.
Academic Article Does the chronic fatigue syndrome involve the autonomic nervous system?
Academic Article Sympathetic nerve activity in response to hypotensive stress in the postural tachycardia syndrome.
Academic Article System identification of closed-loop cardiovascular control mechanisms: diabetic autonomic neuropathy.
Academic Article Sympathetic neural activity, sex dimorphism, and postural tachycardia syndrome.
Academic Article Autonomic function and human immunodeficiency virus infection.
Academic Article Delayed orthostatic hypotension: a frequent cause of orthostatic intolerance.
Academic Article Anti-sympathetic nervous system autoantibodies. Diminished catecholamines with orthostasis.
Academic Article Treatment of orthostatic hypotension.
Academic Article Nonpharmacological treatment of reflex syncope.
Academic Article Norepinephrine precursor therapy in neurogenic orthostatic hypotension.
Academic Article Autonomic neuropathy and coeliac disease.
Concept Posture
Academic Article a-Synuclein in cutaneous autonomic nerves.
Academic Article Clinical implications of delayed orthostatic hypotension: A 10-year follow-up study.
Academic Article Effects of orthostatic hypotension on cognition in Parkinson disease.
Academic Article Randomized withdrawal study of patients with symptomatic neurogenic orthostatic hypotension responsive to droxidopa.
Academic Article Droxidopa for neurogenic orthostatic hypotension: a randomized, placebo-controlled, phase 3 trial.
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