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Academic Article Arousals in sleep-disordered breathing: patterns and implications.
Academic Article Nocturnal hypoxia exposure with simulated altitude for 14 days does not significantly alter working memory or vigilance in humans.
Academic Article An electrocardiogram-based technique to assess cardiopulmonary coupling during sleep.
Academic Article Mechanisms of arousal from sleep and their consequences.
Academic Article A pilot study of sleep, cognition, and respiration under 4 weeks of intermittent nocturnal hypoxia in adult humans.
Academic Article Measuring sleep quality after adenotonsillectomy in pediatric sleep apnea.
Academic Article Classification algorithms for predicting sleepiness and sleep apnea severity.
Academic Article Cyclic alternating pattern in the electroencephalogram: what is its clinical utility?
Academic Article Adults with ADHD and sleep complaints: a pilot study identifying sleep-disordered breathing using polysomnography and sleep quality assessment.
Academic Article Probabilistic sleep architecture models in patients with and without sleep apnea.
Academic Article Electrocardiogram-based sleep spectrogram measures of sleep stability and glucose disposal in sleep disordered breathing.
Concept Sleep Stages
Academic Article Relationship between delta power and the electrocardiogram-derived cardiopulmonary spectrogram: possible implications for assessing the effectiveness of sleep.
Academic Article Longitudinal course of insomnia: age-related differences in subjective sleepiness and vigilance performance in a population-based sample.
Academic Article Dissociation of EEG and autonomic sleep physiology.
Academic Article Sleepiness and Driving: Multidimensional Legal, Social, Technological, and Biological Challenges.
Grant ECG-derived estimators of sleep physiology
Academic Article Analysis of the sleep EEG in the complexity domain.
Academic Article Association of Mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea With Cognitive Performance, Excessive Daytime Sleepiness, and Quality of Life in the General Population: The Korean Genome and Epidemiology Study (KoGES).
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  • Sleep Stages
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