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Academic Article Correlates of past-year mental health service use among Latinos: results from the National Latino and Asian American Study.
Academic Article Concordance of reports of mental health functioning by adolescents and their caregivers: a comparison of European, African and Latino Americans.
Academic Article How missing information in diagnosis can lead to disparities in the clinical encounter.
Academic Article Evaluation of a patient activation and empowerment intervention in mental health care.
Academic Article Considering context, place and culture: the National Latino and Asian American Study.
Academic Article Childhood trauma and psychiatric disorders as correlates of school dropout in a national sample of young adults.
Academic Article Comparative prevalence, correlates of impairment, and service utilization for eating disorders across US ethnic groups: Implications for reducing ethnic disparities in health care access for eating disorders.
Academic Article The role of sociocultural information in mental health intake sessions.
Academic Article Improving drug treatment services for Hispanics: research gaps and scientific opportunities.
Academic Article Mental health care for ethnic minority individuals and communities in the aftermath of disasters and mass violence.
Academic Article Survey conditioning in self-reported mental health service use: randomized comparison of alternative instrument formats.
Academic Article Bridging community intervention and mental health services research.
Academic Article The impact of insurance coverage in diminishing racial and ethnic disparities in behavioral health services.
Academic Article Conclusion: mental health in the mainstream of public policy.
Academic Article Political violence, psychosocial trauma, and the context of mental health services use among immigrant Latinos in the United States.
Academic Article Implementing the Institute of Medicine definition of disparities: an application to mental health care.
Academic Article Use and quality of mental health services for Haitian youth.
Academic Article Racial and ethnic disparities in pediatric mental health.
Academic Article Mental health and substance use disorders among Latino and Asian American lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults.
Academic Article One size does not fit all: taking diversity, culture and context seriously.
Academic Article Social determinants of mental health treatment among Haitian, African American, and White youth in community health centers.
Academic Article Role of referrals in mental health service disparities for racial and ethnic minority youth.
Academic Article Disparities in treatment for substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders for ethnic/racial minority youth.
Academic Article The DSM-IV rates of child and adolescent disorders in Puerto Rico: prevalence, correlates, service use, and the effects of impairment.
Academic Article Racial and ethnic disparities in the treatment of a Medicaid population with schizophrenia.
Concept Mental Health
Concept Community Mental Health Services
Concept Mental Health Services
Academic Article Understanding caregivers' help-seeking for Latino children's mental health care use.
Academic Article Mental health in the mainstream of public policy: research issues and opportunities.
Academic Article Inequalities in use of specialty mental health services among Latinos, African Americans, and non-Latino whites.
Academic Article Training for research in mental health and HIV/AIDS among racial and ethnic minority populations: meeting the needs of new investigators.
Academic Article Measuring disparities across the distribution of mental health care expenditures.
Academic Article Community-based partnered research: new directions in mental health services research.
Academic Article Patient-clinician ethnic concordance and communication in mental health intake visits.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of a randomized trial to treat depression among Latinos.
Grant Building Community Capacity for Disability Prevention for Minority Elders
Grant Reducing Ethnic and Racial Bias in Screening for Psychiatric Disorders in Adolesc
Grant Advanced Center for Latino and MH Systems Research
Grant Effects of Social Context, Culture and Minority Status on Depression and Anxiety
Grant UPR-CHA Research Center of Excellence: Making a Difference for Latino Health
Grant Mechanisms Underlying Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Mental Disorders
Grant International Latino Research Partnership (ILRP)
Grant NLAAS II: Unraveling Differences for Clinical Services
Academic Article Racial/ethnic differences in perceived need for mental health care and disparities in use of care among those with perceived need in 1990-1992 and 2001-2003.
Academic Article Racial and Ethnic Variation in Perceptions of VA Mental Health Providers are Associated With Treatment Retention Among Veterans With PTSD.
Academic Article Racial/ethnic differences in video game and Internet use among US adolescents with mental health and educational difficulties.
Academic Article Factors associated with mental health services referrals for children investigated by child welfare.
Academic Article Social Determinants of Mental Health: Where We Are and Where We Need to Go.
Grant 1/2-Building Infrastructure for Community Capacity in Accelerating Integrated Care
Academic Article Effectiveness of a Disability Preventive Intervention for Minority and Immigrant Elders: The Positive Minds-Strong Bodies Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Editorial: Increasing Access to Mental Health Care for Latinx Children: Moving in the Right Direction.
Academic Article Engagement of ethnic minorities in mental health care.
Grant Latino Youths Coping with Discrimination: A Multi-Level Investigation in Micro- and Macro-Time
Academic Article Transforming Mental Health And Addiction Services.
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