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Academic Article Macrophage proresolving mediator maresin 1 stimulates tissue regeneration and controls pain.
Concept Regeneration
Concept Bone Regeneration
Academic Article Pro-resolving lipid mediators are leads for resolution physiology.
Academic Article Proresolving nanomedicines activate bone regeneration in periodontitis.
Academic Article Novel proresolving and tissue-regenerative resolvin and protectin sulfido-conjugated pathways.
Academic Article Human Periodontal Stem Cells Release Specialized Proresolving Mediators and Carry Immunomodulatory and Prohealing Properties Regulated by Lipoxins.
Academic Article Identification and Actions of a Novel Third Maresin Conjugate in Tissue Regeneration: MCTR3.
Grant Novel Mechanisms in Resolution to Harness Inflammation for Reconstruction
Grant Resolution Mechanisms in Acute Inflammation: Resolution Pharmacology
Academic Article Maresin conjugates in tissue regeneration biosynthesis enzymes in human macrophages.
Academic Article Structural elucidation and physiologic functions of specialized pro-resolving mediators and their receptors.
Academic Article New pro-resolving n-3 mediators bridge resolution of infectious inflammation to tissue regeneration.
Academic Article New maresin conjugates in tissue regeneration pathway counters leukotriene D4-stimulated vascular responses.
Academic Article Identification and Complete Stereochemical Assignments of the New Resolvin Conjugates in Tissue Regeneration in Human Tissues that Stimulate Proresolving Phagocyte Functions and Tissue Regeneration.
Academic Article Biosynthesis of D-Series Resolvins in Skin Provides Insights into their Role in Tissue Repair.
Academic Article Staphylococcus aureus-Derived a-Hemolysin Evokes Generation of Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators Promoting Inflammation Resolution.
Academic Article Cysteinyl-specialized proresolving mediators link resolution of infectious inflammation and tissue regeneration via TRAF3 activation.
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  • Regeneration
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