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Academic Article Genetically predisposed offspring with schizotypal features: an ultra high-risk group for schizophrenia?
Academic Article Mechanisms of functional improvement in a 2-year trial of cognitive enhancement therapy for early schizophrenia.
Academic Article A preliminary functional magnetic resonance imaging study in offspring of schizophrenic parents.
Academic Article Correlates of insight in first episode psychosis.
Academic Article Effects of word frequency on semantic memory in schizophrenia: electrophysiological evidence for a deficit in linguistic access.
Academic Article Evidence of factorial variance of the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test across schizophrenia and normative samples.
Academic Article Working memory and attention deficits in adolescent offspring of schizophrenia or bipolar patients: comparing vulnerability markers.
Academic Article Fronto-parietal hypo-activation during working memory independent of structural abnormalities: conjoint fMRI and sMRI analyses in adolescent offspring of schizophrenia patients.
Academic Article Inefficiently increased anterior cingulate modulation of cortical systems during working memory in young offspring of schizophrenia patients.
Academic Article Structural neurobiological correlates of Mayer-Salovery-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test performance in early course schizophrenia.
Academic Article Impairment of verbal memory and learning in antipsychotic-naïve patients with first-episode schizophrenia.
Academic Article Cognitive enhancement therapy improves emotional intelligence in early course schizophrenia: preliminary effects.
Academic Article Antipsychotic drugs exacerbate impairment on a working memory task in first-episode schizophrenia.
Academic Article Brain activation patterns during visual episodic memory processing among first-degree relatives of schizophrenia subjects.
Academic Article Early treatment-induced improvement of negative symptoms predicts cognitive functioning in treatment-naive first episode schizophrenia: a 2-year followup.
Academic Article Emotional words induce enhanced brain activity in schizophrenic patients with auditory hallucinations.
Academic Article Evidence of gray matter reduction and dysfunction in chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.
Academic Article Assessing social-cognitive deficits in schizophrenia with the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test.
Academic Article Prefrontal gray matter morphology mediates the association between serum anticholinergicity and cognitive functioning in early course schizophrenia.
Academic Article Benzhexol withdrawal and cholinergic mechanisms in depression.
Academic Article Post-ECT increases in MRI regional T2 relaxation times and their relationship to cognitive side effects: a pilot study.
Academic Article The neural correlates of performance in adolescents at risk for schizophrenia: inefficiently increased cortico-striatal responses measured with fMRI.
Academic Article Adverse effects of risperidone on spatial working memory in first-episode schizophrenia.
Concept Memory
Concept Memory Disorders
Concept Emotional Intelligence
Concept Memory, Short-Term
Academic Article Antiherpes virus-specific treatment and cognition in schizophrenia: a test-of-concept randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial.
Academic Article Feasibility and preliminary efficacy data from a computerized cognitive intervention in children with chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.
Academic Article Commonalities in social and non-social cognitive impairments in adults with autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia.
Academic Article Reduced subicular subdivisions of the hippocampal formation and verbal declarative memory impairments in young relatives at risk for schizophrenia.
Academic Article Prefrontal brain network connectivity indicates degree of both schizophrenia risk and cognitive dysfunction.
Academic Article Pharmacogenetic associations of the type-3 metabotropic glutamate receptor (GRM3) gene with working memory and clinical symptom response to antipsychotics in first-episode schizophrenia.
Academic Article Working memory impairment in probands with schizoaffective disorder and first degree relatives of schizophrenia probands extend beyond deficits predicted by generalized neuropsychological impairment.
Academic Article Hyperactivity of caudate, parahippocampal, and prefrontal regions during working memory in never-medicated persons at clinical high-risk for psychosis.
Grant Brain Function and Structure in Young Children at Familial Risk for Schizophrenia
Grant Sleep spindles in early course schizophrenia and first-degree relatives
Grant 4/6 Psychosis and Affective Research Domains and Intermediate Phenotypes (PARDIP)
Academic Article Abnormal interactions of verbal- and spatial-memory networks in young people at familial high-risk for schizophrenia.
Academic Article Frontal Hypoactivation During a Working Memory Task in Children With 22q11 Deletion Syndrome.
Academic Article Impaired regulation of emotional distractors during working memory load in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Multivariate Relationships Between Cognition and Brain Anatomy Across the Psychosis Spectrum.
Academic Article Individual variation in brain network topology is linked to emotional intelligence.
Academic Article Establishing a standard emotion processing battery for treatment evaluation in adults with autism spectrum disorder: Evidence supporting the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotion Intelligence Test (MSCEIT).
Academic Article Transdiagnostic validity of the MATRICS Consensus Cognitive Battery across the autism-schizophrenia spectrum.
Academic Article Electrophysiological correlates of emotional scene processing in bipolar disorder.
Academic Article Neural Processing of Repeated Emotional Scenes in Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder.
Academic Article Proximate markers of cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia.
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