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Academic Article The relationships of social participation and community ratings to health and health behaviors in areas with high and low population density.
Academic Article Does social capital affect the incidence of functional disability in older Japanese? A prospective population-based cohort study.
Concept Social Participation
Academic Article Does social participation improve self-rated health in the older population? A quasi-experimental intervention study.
Academic Article The role of social capital in African-American women's use of mammography.
Academic Article Social participation and mental health: moderating effects of gender, social role and rurality.
Academic Article Social participation and the prevention of functional disability in older Japanese: the JAGES cohort study.
Academic Article School social fragmentation, economic deprivation and social cohesion and adolescent physical inactivity: a longitudinal study.
Academic Article Association Between Social Integration and Suicide Among Women in the United States.
Academic Article Effect of a community intervention programme promoting social interactions on functional disability prevention for older adults: propensity score matching and instrumental variable analyses, JAGES Taketoyo study.
Academic Article Social participation and mortality: does social position in civic groups matter?
Academic Article Are socioeconomic disparities in health behavior mediated by differential media use? Test of the communication inequality theory.
Academic Article Direct Participation in and Indirect Exposure to the Occupy Central Movement and Depressive Symptoms: A Longitudinal Study of Hong Kong Adults.
Academic Article Neighborhood Social Capital in Relation to Late HIV Diagnosis, Linkage to HIV Care, and HIV Care Engagement.
Academic Article Association between Social Relationship and Glycemic Control among Older Japanese: JAGES Cross-Sectional Study.
Academic Article Development of an instrument for community-level health related social capital among Japanese older people: The JAGES Project.
Academic Article Longitudinal Patterns and Predictors of Depression Trajectories Related to the 2014 Occupy Central/Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong.
Academic Article Retirement and mental health: dose social participation mitigate the association? A fixed-effects longitudinal analysis.
Academic Article Living Alone or With Others and Depressive Symptoms, and Effect Modification by Residential Social Cohesion Among Older Adults in Japan: The JAGES Longitudinal Study.
Academic Article What types of activities increase participation in community "salons"?
Academic Article Intensity of community-based programs by long-term care insurers and the likelihood of frailty: Multilevel analysis of older Japanese adults.
Academic Article Relative Income Deprivation and All-Cause Mortality in Japan: Do Life Priorities Matter?
Academic Article Association between visual status and social participation in older Japanese: The JAGES cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Associations Between Community Social Capital and Preservation of Functional Capacity in the Aftermath of a Major Disaster.
Academic Article Does community-level social capital mitigate the impact of widowhood & living alone on depressive symptoms?: A prospective, multi-level study.
Academic Article Neighborhood Social Cohesion and Sleep Health by Age, Sex/Gender, and Race/Ethnicity in the United States.
Academic Article Estimating the Impact of Sustained Social Participation on Depressive Symptoms in Older Adults.
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