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Academic Article The silent treatment: siRNAs as small molecule drugs.
Academic Article RNA interference and cancer: endogenous pathways and therapeutic approaches.
Academic Article Cleaving the oxidative repair protein Ape1 enhances cell death mediated by granzyme A.
Academic Article The prospect of silencing disease using RNA interference.
Academic Article Interfering with disease: opportunities and roadblocks to harnessing RNA interference.
Academic Article Knocking down disease with siRNAs.
Academic Article RNA interference targeting Fas protects mice from fulminant hepatitis.
Academic Article The silent revolution: RNA interference as basic biology, research tool, and therapeutic.
Academic Article Determinants of specific RNA interference-mediated silencing of human beta-globin alleles differing by a single nucleotide polymorphism.
Academic Article NFAT5 regulates HIV-1 in primary monocytes via a highly conserved long terminal repeat site.
Academic Article Identification of host proteins required for HIV infection through a functional genomic screen.
Academic Article Lentiviral delivery of short hairpin RNAs protects CD4 T cells from multiple clades and primary isolates of HIV.
Academic Article Interfering with disease: a progress report on siRNA-based therapeutics.
Academic Article Small interfering RNA targeting Fas protects mice against renal ischemia-reperfusion injury.
Academic Article miR-24 Inhibits cell proliferation by targeting E2F2, MYC, and other cell-cycle genes via binding to "seedless" 3'UTR microRNA recognition elements.
Academic Article Promise and challenge of RNA interference-based therapy for cancer.
Academic Article The SET complex acts as a barrier to autointegration of HIV-1.
Academic Article Live or let die: posttranscriptional gene regulation in cell stress and cell death.
Academic Article Silencing viral infection.
Concept RNA Interference
Academic Article Production of highly potent recombinant siRNAs in Escherichia coli.
Academic Article Prolyl isomerase Pin1 acts downstream of miR200c to promote cancer stem-like cell traits in breast cancer.
Academic Article Sequencing of captive target transcripts identifies the network of regulated genes and functions of primate-specific miR-522.
Academic Article Harnessing RNA interference for therapy: the silent treatment.
Academic Article Visualizing lipid-formulated siRNA release from endosomes and target gene knockdown.
Academic Article Gene Knockdown by EpCAM Aptamer-siRNA Chimeras Suppresses Epithelial Breast Cancers and Their Tumor-Initiating Cells.
Academic Article Harnessing RNAi-based nanomedicines for therapeutic gene silencing in B-cell malignancies.
Academic Article G3BP-Caprin1-USP10 complexes mediate stress granule condensation and associate with 40S subunits.
Grant Aptamer-siRNA gene knockdown to treat epithelial triple negative breast cancer
Grant RNAi to limit kidney ischemia/reperfusion injury
Grant An siRNA-based microbicide to prevent HIV transmission
Grant Developing RNA Interference for and HIV microbicide
Grant Knockdown of Gene Expression in Immune Cells in Humanized Mice
Grant Role of Host miRNAs in Persistent HIV Macrophage Infection
Grant CD4 aptamer-siRNA chimeras to prevent HIV transmission
Academic Article A modular platform for targeted RNAi therapeutics.
Academic Article PNPT1 Release from Mitochondria during Apoptosis Triggers Decay of Poly(A) RNAs.
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