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Academic Article Savings from drug discount cards: relief for Medicare beneficiaries?
Academic Article Measuring adverse selection in managed health care.
Academic Article Behavioral health insurance parity for federal employees.
Academic Article Prescription-drug prices.
Academic Article Evaluating selection out of health plans for Medicaid beneficiaries with substance abuse.
Academic Article Treatment for substance use disorders in a privately insured population under managed care: costs and services use.
Academic Article Mental health policy and psychotropic drugs.
Academic Article Managed behavioral health care carve-outs: past performance and future prospects.
Academic Article The impact of parity on major depression treatment quality in the Federal Employees' Health Benefits Program after parity implementation.
Academic Article Impact of full mental health and substance abuse parity for children in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.
Academic Article Was Part D a giveaway to the pharmaceutical industry?
Academic Article Private long-term care insurance and state tax incentives.
Academic Article The effect of incentive-based formularies on prescription-drug utilization and spending.
Academic Article Talbott and financing policy: Reducing fragmentation.
Academic Article Economic grand rounds: economics and the Surgeon General's Report on Mental Health.
Academic Article Effects of pharmaceutical promotion on adherence to the treatment guidelines for depression.
Academic Article Impact of 3-tier formularies on drug treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children.
Academic Article Design of mental health benefits: still unequal after all these years.
Academic Article Lessons for healthcare reform from the hard-won success of behavioral health insurance parity.
Academic Article Antidepressants and suicide risk: how did specific information in FDA safety warnings affect treatment patterns?
Academic Article Mental health in the mainstream of health care.
Academic Article Behavioral health services for women who have breast cancer.
Academic Article The costs of mental health parity: still an impediment?
Academic Article Trends in mental health cost growth: an expanded role for management?
Academic Article Health insurance exchanges--making the markets work.
Academic Article Government commitment and regulation of prescription drugs.
Academic Article Inequities in mental health care after health care system reform in Chile.
Academic Article "Usual care" for major depression in the 1990s: characteristics and expert-estimated outcomes.
Academic Article Schizophrenia, co-occurring substance use disorders and quality of care: the differential effect of a managed behavioral health care carve-out.
Academic Article Impact of alternative interventions on changes in generic dispensing rates.
Academic Article Effects of direct-to-consumer advertising and clinical guidelines on appropriate use of human papillomavirus DNA tests.
Academic Article Effect of insurance parity on substance abuse treatment.
Academic Article Changes in mental health financing since 1971: implications for policymakers and patients.
Academic Article Shuffling toward parity--bringing mental health care under the umbrella.
Academic Article Better but not best: recent trends in the well-being of the mentally ill.
Academic Article Racial and ethnic disparities in the treatment of a Medicaid population with schizophrenia.
Concept Insurance Coverage
Concept Insurance
Concept National Health Insurance, United States
Concept Insurance Carriers
Concept Insurance, Psychiatric
Concept Insurance, Disability
Concept Insurance Claim Reporting
Concept Insurance Claim Review
Concept Insurance, Health, Reimbursement
Concept Insurance Benefits
Concept Insurance Selection Bias
Concept Insurance, Long-Term Care
Concept Insurance, Health
Concept Insurance, Pharmaceutical Services
Academic Article The creation of Medicare and Medicaid: the emergence of insurance and markets for mental health services.
Academic Article Adverse clinical events among medicare beneficiaries using antipsychotic drugs: linking health insurance benefits and clinical needs.
Academic Article Helping (some) SSDI beneficiaries with severe mental illness return to work.
Academic Article Behavioral health parity and the Affordable Care Act.
Academic Article Enrollment in Medicare Advantage plans in Miami-Dade County: evidence of status quo bias?
Academic Article How the affordable care act and mental health parity and addiction equity act greatly expand coverage of behavioral health care.
Academic Article The Affordable Care Act will revolutionize care for substance use disorders in the United States.
Grant Economic Impacts of New Drugs
Grant Research Center on Managed Care and Drug Abuse Treatment
Academic Article Realizing the Promise of Parity Legislation for Mental Health.
Academic Article Regulated Medicare Advantage And Marketplace Individual Health Insurance Markets Rely On Insurer Competition.
Academic Article Passive Enrollment Of Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries Into Medicare And Medicaid Managed Care Has Not Met Expectations.
Academic Article Reflections on the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act After 10 Years.
Academic Article Making Choice and Competition Work in Individual Insurance in Health Reform Proposals.
Academic Article Demand-Side Factors Associated with the Purchase of Long-Term Care Insurance.
Academic Article Medicare Drug-Price Negotiation - Why Now . . . and How.
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