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Academic Article Correlation of computed tomography with histopathology in otosclerosis.
Concept Temporal Bone
Academic Article In response to letter to the editor: "Correlation of computed tomography with histopathology in otoslcerosis", Quesnel et al. Otol Neurotol 2013; 34(1):22-8.
Academic Article Response to letter to the editor by Dr. Tamas Karosi Re: "Correlation of computed tomography with histopathology in otosclerosis", Quesnel et al. Otol Neurotol 2013; 34(1):22-28.
Academic Article Temporal Bone Histopathology in NOG-Symphalangism Spectrum Disorder.
Academic Article Cochlear Implantation in a Patient With Pfeiffer Syndrome and Temporal Bone Vascular Anomalies.
Academic Article Lack of Evidence for Nonotosclerotic Stapes Fixation in Human Temporal Bone Histopathology.
Academic Article Delayed loss of hearing after hearing preservation cochlear implantation: Human temporal bone pathology and implications for etiology.
Academic Article Correlation of CT, MR, and Histopathology in Incomplete Partition-II Cochlear Anomaly.
Grant NIDCD National Temporal Bone Hearing and Balance Pathology Resource Registry
Academic Article Post Hybrid Cochlear Implant Hearing Loss and Endolymphatic Hydrops.
Academic Article The pattern and degree of capsular fibrous sheaths surrounding cochlear electrode arrays.
Academic Article Measurement for Detection of Incomplete Partition Type II Anomalies on MR Imaging.
Academic Article Otosclerosis: Temporal Bone Pathology.
Academic Article Otopathology in Angiosarcoma of the Temporal Bone.
Academic Article Temporal bone histopathology: Superior semicircular canal dehiscence.
Academic Article The Cochlear Cleft: CT Correlation With Histopathology.
Academic Article Demonstration and Mitigation of Aerosol and Particle Dispersion During Mastoidectomy Relevant to the COVID-19 Era.
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  • Temporal Bone
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